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Eureka grinders

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Eureka Mignon  grinder blade nut
Eureka (MIGNON) 250g hopper
Eureka Mignon blade holder
Eureka (MIGNON)
Eureka Mignon Flat blades
Eureka (MIGNON), Gaggia (BABY), Macap (M2)
Eureka Mignon Hopper 250g
Eureka (MIGNON) 250g hopper
Eureka Mignon Hopper 500g
Eureka (MIGNON) 500g hopper
Eureka Mignon Hopper lid
Eureka (MIGNON) 250g |500g hopper lid
Eureka Mignon motor 230v
Eureka (MIGNON) motor 230V
Eureka Zenith Club grinder blades
Eureka Zenith Club
Grinder blade screw M4 x 8  x 6
Mini Espresso Knock out drawer 20cm
20 cm wide - prefect for wider grinders and some home machines.
Motta coffee dosing cup
Due back 02/20
Motta coffee funnell 40mm
Fits 55.5mm - 58.5mm filter baskets
Motta coffee funnell 60mm
Fits 55.5mm - 58.5mm filter baskets
PulyGreen Grinder cleaner box  x 10
Clean your grinder for max taste
The Grounds Cub  knock out  drawer 14cm
Slim fit for Eureka Mignon, Ascaso steel or I Mini grinders