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Eureka grinders

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Espresso coffee digital scale and timer
Tool for setting the grind
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean
Easy clean  grinder brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Eureka Mignon  grinder blade nut
Eureka (MIGNON) 250g hopper
Eureka Mignon blade holder
Eureka (MIGNON)
Eureka Mignon Flat blades
Eureka (MIGNON), Gaggia (BABY), Macap (M2)
Eureka Mignon Hopper 250g
Eureka (MIGNON) 250g hopper
Eureka Mignon Hopper 500g
Eureka (MIGNON) 500g hopper
Eureka Mignon Hopper lid
Eureka (MIGNON) 250g |500g hopper lid
Eureka Mignon motor 230v
Eureka (MIGNON) motor 230V
Eureka Zenith Club grinder blades
Eureka Zenith Club
Coffee dosing funnel
58mm|49mm|51mm|54mm| 45mm
PulyGreen Grinder cleaner box
From €8.99 | Clean your grinder for max taste