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Gaggia IMS shower kit

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Pimp your classic for more crema

Gaggia steel shower plate holder kit - with 4 hole steel shower holder.


This kit replaces your old aluminium classic shower holder.
If you want a IMS shower screen - you will need this steel shower holder.
Save 20% with kit -than buy individually.

⚠️This kit is not needed for Classic pro made 2020 and after as it comes with SS shower holder as standard.​​​​


-The steel shower holder has better heat retention properties, for better creama and no aluminium oxide.(Stainless steel  will not corrode)
- It has 4 holes for better distribution of the water ensuring a more complete extraction and will fit the IMS shower screen perfectly.
- The IMS shower screen gives a more even and full extraction which adds to the crema.
- The Silicon gasket is made from heat resistant silicone, which lasts longer, the internal groves and soft consistency makes for easy installation and removal and the light colour helps with to detect if there is a build up of coffee debris.

⚠️​​​​​​​Please note:

  • In order to get the best fit from the shower screen, you may have to rotate the shower screen a little, so that the water from the 4 holes in the steel shower holder is distributed fully and not directly the IMS shower holes.
  • This kit is designed to distribute the water more evenly, but will not prevent channelling.
  • The gasket that comes with kit is 8.5mm and suits the older machines that have some wear, if you have a new model the orange 8mm would be a better fit.


IMS Shower Kit includes:
- IMS Gaggia shower screen
- Stainless steel shower screw
- Gaggia stainless steel shower holder for IMS shower screens.
- Caffewerks silicon group gasket 8.5mm

Fits models:
Most models with original aluminium shower holder and all commercial models 

  • Gaggia New Baby range, BABY 86, Baby 89,New Baby 06, New Baby Dose, New Baby Dosata,
  • Gaggia Classic,
  • Gaggia Evolution, Gaggia Coffee and Deluxe 
  • Gaggia Carezza, Coffee 97, Coffee Deluxe, Espresso, Evolution, GD One, Paros and Tebe.
  • Gaggia commercial models :  DECO, D90, E90, GD, GE, LCD, TS, XD, XE
  • Saeco models :Aroma

Wont fit:

  • Gaggia Classic V2:  Made 2015-2018  with built in shower holder and stainless steel boiler.

Steel - for better heat retention.
Silicon gasket - longer gasket and better fit.
Stainless steel shower - best distribution of the water.

Diameter of Lower Segment: 57mm
Diameter of Upper Segment: 54mm
Height: 14.5mm
Large Hole Diameter: 6.5mm
Small Hole Diameter: 2.5mm
Screw hole: M5 Thread

Manufacturer: Gaggia | IMS |Coffeewerks
Gaggia number:  WGA16G1002. 

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Great kit and service

Ordered this kit to fit my 2006 Gaggia Classic, I disassembled my machine and gave everywhere a good clean prior to installation. The new seal fits perfectly and feels like it gives a tighter seal when the portafilter is in place. The brass dispersion plate also fit without issue and then the IMS shower screen was no trouble either. This kit looks a lot better quality than the standard parts and I have no complaints about either the parts or the service. Ordered and arrived within 4 days which is great, thank you very much!

Callum Arnold | Cheshire | October 2020

Ordered items (including ims shower screen ! )online on a Sunday they arrived on time in perfect condition.What more could you ask.

P Chaplin | Bognor Regis | April 2019

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