Gaggia portafilter pressure test gauge

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Fits: Gaggia 2015 and before.

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Gaggia portafilter pressure test gauge


This new kit contains a Gaggia portafilter (without the spout or basket) and a seperate Joe Frex pressure gauge 

This kit is used to adjust the OPV over pressure valve, so you can reduce the pressure to 9 bars.

Why buy:

  • Most Gaggia classic are set to 12 bars for the pressurised baskets - if you want to use the standard or IMS baskets , you will need to reduce the pressure.
  • Over time your pump pressure fades but when you can adjust the pump you can restore the lost coffee crema.

When finished adjusting the valve you can convert the portafilter into a double or single portafilter - simply add spout and or basket.

How to adjust the gaggia over pressure valve:

You can adjust the over pressure valve, shown left, with a spanner and Allen key.The pressure nut is found just inside the pressure valve, which can to be removed with a spanner.

  1. Remove the silicon tube attached to the brass barb fitting.
  2. Use a 18mm socket wrench to remove the brass barb fitting.
  3. Use  a 5mm allen key to adjust the OPV - clockwise will increase the pressure.It needs to be adjusted to 10 bars to give you 9 bars of pump pressure. 1 full revolution of the allen key clockwise, will give you 1 bar pressure.

Fits models: 
Gaggia Baby range,
Gaggia Classic,
Gaggia Evolution,
Gaggia Coffee range 
Selecta range,
Gaggia Tebe,
Gaggia Paros.

Manufacturer: Philips/Gaggia/Saeco

Suitable Tamper: 58 mm
Includes: Gaggia porta filter and pressure gauge.
It does not include the filter basket or spout.

Click here for 58 mm Tampers suitable for Gaggia

Measures 0-16 bar

Kit includes :

  • 1 x portafilter ( Basket/spout/clip not included)
  • 1 x Joe Frex Pressure gauge kit 

Does not include:

  • Portafilter basket 
  • Portafilter basket spring
  • Portafilter spout

Note: This Gaggia portafilter gauge is packed separately for protection, fully assembled - just needs to be screwed on.

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Remove the bung

Works fine with Gaggia Classic 2018/2019.

You need to remove the rubber bung from the neck of the gauge before screwing to the portafilter, otherwise it will register zero pressure - I've dropped 1 star for having to work this out. Similarly, test the pressure without any basket in the portafilter.

No PTFE/Teflon tape required.

Without bung and without basket, my Classic 2018/2019 (with IMS shower screen and brass grouphead) registers 13 bar - the needle doesn't flutter, which is nice. Will now order a kit to adjust the pressure down to 9 or 10 bar and hopefully reduce channelling.

NeilM | London | May 2020

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