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Stackable tea pot  white
Loose tea the easy way
Stackable tea pot  red
Loose tea the easy way
Agust coffee gift set
12oz coffee Mug
Airscape  black 850 ml
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Ascaso Espresso gift set
From €13.49
Ascaso Love gift set
Espresso cup/saucer x 2
Bodum  Pavina espresso set
2 x Espresso glass
Caravaggio Espresso gift box
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons
Coca Dredger
Cappuccino latte art barista tool
Coffee bag  clip and measure spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Coffee Vac 250g
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Coffee Vac 250g 500g  set
Set of 2 containers: - 250g + 500g
Coffee Vac 500g
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Coffee Vac 500g  gift set
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Hario Mini Mill Compact Hand Coffee Grinder
24 Grams capacity- Quieter - Ceramic conic blades
Irish coffee  glass set
2 x 8oz Latte Glass
Italian Olive wood Tamper
Choose 41|49|51|53|54|57|58|58.5mm
Magicup Barista
Reusable - no more paper cups
Manual milk frother 800ml
Easy to use milk frother
Mr Tea infuser
Pop into your cup for fresh tea
Naked portafilter Keyring
Tamper Key ring - A must have for coffee lovers
Tiamo coffee grinder
115 Grams capacity - Grinds to to 8 cups
Walkure  NYNY Cappuccino Cup  x 2
2 x 300ml Cappuccino cup/Saucer
Walkure New York espresso set
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons

Perfect gifts for coffee lovers in Ireland

As a team of true coffee enthusiasts, Blue Star Coffee is going to share this lifelong passion with those who are on the same page. With that in mind, we introduce an ever-increasing range of coffee-related gifts which include key rings, espresso cups, storage containers, and scores of other barista tools and accessories.

Are you looking for a present that will put a smile on your loved one’s face? Our coffee gifts will be the very thing. Browse our catalog and find everything from reusable cups to bottomless portafilters that fit most coffee makers available today.

Our coffee gift sets

Blue Star Coffee also offers gift sets which are made up of delicious filter coffee and cups. They come in lovely packages that will greatly add to the festive atmosphere of any event, be it a birthday or house-warming party. Our gifts are created to encourage the inner barista of a person who is supposed to receive them. What is more, you can enjoy the freshly brewed coffee together.

Choose a creative gift at Blue Star Coffee and make a pleasant surprise for your nearest. Remember, we will deliver your order for free if it’s over €150!