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Coffee Grinder Parts

Blue Star Coffee experts surely know the importance of maintaining the top working condition of your coffee equipment. Therefore, we do our best to minimise the negative consequences of possible breakdowns and repairs, presenting here a wide range of commercial coffee grinder parts & spares from the world's leading manufacturers. A coffee grinder is a unique tool that allows you to control the preparation of coffee products before brewing to extract the maximum flavour characteristics of the coffee beans. 


That is why most coffee lovers and professional baristas prefer to use specialised coffee equipment rather than purchasing ready-made coffee materials. In our online catalogue, you can find original coffee grinder parts of the highest quality, and we guarantee to deliver the chosen products right to your door promptly!

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3 way hexagonal wrench
Group | Boiler | 4mm 5mm 6mm
Shower screen screwdriver duel head
Magnetic duel head: Flat - and + Phillips
Shower screen screwdriver duel head black
💰 Save 30% | Magnetic duel head | Flat - and + Phillips | Slot for leverage
Grinder blade screw   M4x8
M4x8| Rancilio|Eureka|Bezzera|N.Simonelli
Joe Frex Coffee grounds digital scales
Tool for setting the grind
Tamper 50/57mm
Make better espresso - use a tamper
Arite Grinder Conic blades
Cafe Roma deluxe |Cafe Roma plus 
Bezzera  Grinder Flat blades
Bezzera BB004, BB95
Brasilia Rossi Hopper 1000g
Rossi | Brasilia | Nuova Simonelli
Brasilia Rossi RR45Grinder Flat blades
Carimali   Grinder Flat blades
Eureka  Atom  OEM blades 64mm
Atom Specialty 65 |Lusso | Zenith 65| Nuova Simonelli MD
Eureka Mignon  fork
Eureka Mignon
Eureka Mignon adjustable fork
Eureka Mignon Specialita or Silenzio.
Eureka Mignon Flat blades 50mm
Eureka Mignon | Gaggia Baby
Eureka Mignon Flat blades OEM 50mm
Eureka Mignon
Eureka Mignon Hopper 250g
Eureka (MIGNON) | Nouva Simonelli MCF
Eureka Mignon Hopper 500g
Eureka (MIGNON)| Nuova Simonelli MCF
Eureka Mignon Hopper lid
Eureka (MIGNON) 250g |NouvaSimonelli MCF| 500g hopper lid
Eureka Mignon Specialta Hopper 510g
Silencizo | Specialta
Eureka Zenith Club grinder blades 60mm
Atom 60E | Zenith Club | Mondial MDMEA | MDMEA
Eureka Zenith Club grinder blades 60mm OEM
Atom 60E | Zenith Club | Mondial MDMEA | MDMEA
Grinder Conic blades 47mm
Brasilia | Rossi | Casado |GPE
Iberital Grinder Conic blades
Iberital Mini | Challenge |MC2
Isomac Conic blades
Lelit Grinder Conic blades
Lelit: Grinders: PL47​​​​​​​ |PL53​​​​​​​ | PL42​​​​​​​ |PL43​​​​​​​ |PL44​​​​​​​ |
Macap Flat blades M2
M2, M2-D, M2-M
Mazzer Hopper slide
Mazzer Mini Hopper
Mazzer Jolly Hopper 1000g
Mazzer Jolly Hopper 1000g
Mazzer Mini Hopper 320g
Mazzer Mini Hopper 320g
Mazzer Mini Hopper 600g
Mazzer Mini Hopper 600g
Mazzer Mini Hopper lid
Mazzer Mini Hopper lid
Mazzer  mini coffee grinds tray
Original Mazzer
Mazzer  mini coffee grinds tray  black
Original Mazzer
Mazzer coffee grinds tray
Original Mazzer | Super Jolly | Major | Kony | SSJ0PIB02
Nuova Simonelli  Flat blades
MCF | GRINTA | Microbar | Prontobar
Obel Junior Grinder Flat blades
Obel Bregant | Roma | Junior
Quickmill Grinder Flat blades  49mm
Mini Moka | Quick Mill| Faema|- Fracino
Rancilio  VFA Grinder Flat blades
64 x 38 x 9 mm | Rancilio, VFA, Promac
Rancilio Rocky Grinder Flat blades
Flat 50mm 3 hole blades
VFA EXPRES Grinder Flat blades
Rancilio, VFA, Promac
Ascaso i1 Grinder Flat blades
i1 models made after 2006
Ascaso i1 Grinder Flat blades  -2006
ascaso i1 Grinders made before 2006| Mini Moka | Faema |- Fracino
Ascaso i2 Grinder Conic blades
Ascaso i2 - Models with conic blades
Caravaggio Cappuccino gift box
2 x Cappuccino cup/Saucer and spoons
Caravaggio Espresso gift box
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons
Clean Grind  grinder cleaner 500G
💰From €11.99 |Clean grinder for max taste | Up to 25 portions |500G
Clean starter kit
Every thing you will need for a new machine
Coffee dosing funnel Magnetic 53mm
Breville /Sage| Lelit | Ascaso | Izzo |San Marco | 53mm - 57mm baskets
Coffee dosing funnel Magnetic 58mm
Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​Nuova Simonelli |​​​​​​​Quick mill ++
Cunill grinder  Flat blades Original OEM
Futurmat Ariete| Cunill|Fracino
Cunill grinder flap
Elektra  grinder  Flat blades
65mm x 38mm | MX, MXA |
Faema Grinder Flat blades
Faema MPN | Cimbali
Fiorenzato Mini Contactor
Fiorenzato doser models F4, F5 and F6
Fracino  grinder  Flat blades
Futurmat Ariete| Cunhill|Fracino
Futurmat Ariete  grinder  Flat blades
Futurmat Ariete| Cunhill|Fracino
Grounds Cub knock out  drawer 14cm
14 cm wide for Eureka |Ascaso | Isomac| Demoka
La Spaziale  grinder  Flat blades
65mm x 38mm | ASTRO-12, , ASTRO-8, , MX, MXA, MXT |
Macap grinder  Flat blades
65 x 38 x 8.5mm |Gaggia MD64 new | Macap
Mazzer Jolly grinder  Flat blades
64 x 37x 8.5mm | Mazzer Jolly |Gaggia MD64 old
Mazzer Mini  Grinder Flat blades
ø 58 mm x 33m x 8.5mm | Compak| Fiorenzato | Mazzer mini
Mazzer OEM   Lux Original  blades 195D
Mazzer Lux | 61mm x 35mm x 8.4mm
Mazzer OEM  Kony Original blades 191C
Mazzer  KONY​​​​​​​ | |La Marzocco Vulcano ​​​​​​​ | 63mm x 23mm x 12mm
Mazzer OEM  Mini  Original blades 182D
Mazzer Mini | ø 58mm x 33mm x 8.5mm
Mazzer OEM  Mini Original  blades 189D
OEM Mazzer M-FMA00189D | Mini elettronico A + B​ | 64mm x 37mm x 8.4mm
Mazzer OEM  Robbur Original blades 186C
Mazzer  Kold​​​​​​​ | Robur ​​​​​​​ | 71mm x 25mm x 14mm
Mazzer OEM  Super Jolly Original blades 33M
Mazzer OEM FMA00033M | Super Jolly | 64mm x 37mm x 8.5mm
Portafilter wall rack 58mm
Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​​​​​​​Quick mill and more
Puly Caff Grind Hopper cleaner
Removes rancid oils from grinder hopper
PulyGreen Grinder cleaner box  x 10
💰From €8.49 | Clean your grinder for max taste

Commercial Coffee Grinder Parts and Spares for Sale

It doesn't matter what caused the grinder to break down – wear and tear of grinder spare parts, mechanical damage, or lack of proper care and maintenance, etc. However, it is essential to know that you can fix most breakdowns, restoring your professional coffee equipment to the top working condition. Blue Star Coffee offers a vast selection of premium coffee grinder parts and tools to make repairs more comfortable and help you extend the lifespan of your coffee machine. We have collected the best products in the catalogue, among which seasoned baristas can find:

  • Flat and conic blades for home and commercial coffee grinder parts;

  • Blow up hoppers & coffee beans reservoirs;

  • Blade nuts and adjustable forks;

  • Coffee grinder trays;

  • Wide range of coffee cleaning products & accessories.


Select the model of coffee equipment and the necessary coffee grinder replacement parts, place an order, and we will quickly deliver the chosen product to your door. Moreover, Blue Star Coffee specialists are always ready to provide competent advice on selecting the most suitable accessories and analogues. Let us bring your coffee equipment back to top condition, providing your business with delicious freshly ground coffee for years to come!


Premium-Quality Espresso Grinder Parts

The need for blade replacement is the most common cause of equipment malfunction, so we have collected the most popular espresso grinder parts here, suitable for most professional and household models. Automatic machinery involves using two types of grinding mechanisms – flat and conic blades, which differ in size and material. The Blue Star Coffee range offers dozens of different options made from high-quality metals and alloys. You can find more helpful information and data with exact dimensions on the product description pages for commercial coffee grinder parts. We have also indicated the compatibility of blade models with various equipment to make it easier to find suitable products.

Remember that the correct operation of blades directly depends on the engine & electrical mechanisms' health. Unusual noises, sounds, and a burning smell may accompany coffee grind deterioration. In this case, we recommend paying attention to the condition of the coffee grinder spares responsible for supplying voltage and transmitting torque – the integrity of the cables, the cleanliness of the bearings, and connecting assemblies. Contacting a service centre or a well-trained expert comes as the most practical and successful solution.


Original Coffee Grinder Spares and Repair Tools

Coffee grinding problems are apparent reasons for expert intervention and further repair. However, multiple coffee grinder spare parts need to be replaced as they wear out. Most professional equipment manufacturers provide user guides with operating times for individual components and recommendations for machine maintenance. For example, most blades do an excellent job with 250-300 kg of coffee beans, after which the quality of the grind deteriorates. Many commercial coffee grinder parts made of plastic quickly wear out during frequent use and heavy loads.

Track the condition of espresso grinder parts by checking the integrity and cleanliness of surfaces, minor changes in equipment performance, and the quality of finished coffee products. It allows experts to act promptly and prevent significant problems that negatively affect barista's work productivity. Additionally, you can purchase specialised tools necessary to repair and replace coffee grinder parts, along with spares, to make a preventive inspection of the mechanism yourself.


How to Prolong the Lifespan of Commercial Coffee Grinders?

The engine and other electromechanical coffee grinder parts are the most expensive mechanisms, leading to the need to buy new equipment. Follow the rules of operation specified in the manufacturer's manuals and pay attention to these simple recommendations from qualified Blue Star Coffee specialists to help your coffee machine serve you as long as possible:

  • Do not use coffee grinders for grinding food and sugar; it increases the power, leading to overheating the grinder spare parts and major breakdowns.

  • Take short breaks in the operation of the equipment - the grinding should last no more than 1-2 minutes, then give the machinery some time for rest.

  • Clean the grinder and blades with specialised brushes and wet cloths. Some models allow washing removable coffee tanks but try to minimise the equipment contact with water.

  • Keep blades free from rancid coffee oils to maintain a uniform grind using specialised liquid or powder grinder cleaners.

  • Choose the right grinder according to the type of coffee used. For example, commercial coffee grinder parts made of stainless steel are more versatile and durable than cast iron ones.

  • Dismantle and replace coffee grinder parts according to the instructions, using suitable tools and screwdrivers to avoid mechanical damage.

  • Vibration generated by loose blades also causes mechanism wear and tear. Tighten all bolts securely after cleaning and installing the blades to eliminate the risk of free play. If necessary, replace the screws and fasteners, which are no less popular commercial coffee grinder parts for sale.


Buy Commercial Coffee Grinder Parts Online

The purchase of high-quality commercial coffee grinder parts is the key to improving the performance of your equipment, especially for industrial and professional applications. Timely intervention in the machine operation is a vital stage of maintenance. In this way, baristas can extend the coffee machinery lifespan and maintain perfect grind quality for years. 

In turn, grinding stability is also an essential part of the grinder's performance, as it contacts all portafilter components and affects the coffee extraction. The best commercial coffee grinder parts and premium grinder spares from Blue Star Coffee are an excellent choice for every barista looking to achieve perfect results! Original quality, competitive prices, and fast delivery are guaranteed!