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Premium-Quality Ground Coffee

Are you looking for premium-quality ground coffee beans? Do you want to buy the best ground coffee for coffee machine? Welcome to the far-reaching online catalogue of Blue Star Coffee! We supply a diversity of first-class products from well-known ground coffee brands like Agust, Oro and Hario and also offer top-notch accessories for your morning coffee routine. Filter papers, coffee bag clips, measure spoons, drip kettles and plenty of other excellent products are waiting for you in this collection, in addition to super tasty ground coffee types with an incredible aroma. So browse our catalogue and buy ground coffee online right now!

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Agust  Evo Colombia San Cayetano 250G - Ground
Ground for Moka pot - Cafeteria - Filter- Hario |100% Arabica | Single estate | Blackberry - Blueberry - Milk chocolate
Oro ground coffee 500g
**From €6.49 ** each | Plunger pot | Filter coffee | Hario 
Hario V60 Pourover Set Black 02
House warming gift | Cafe starter kit | 2-4 cups
Coffee bag  clip and measure spoon
1 cup measure | Keeps coffee fresh
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip  and spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip x 1
Keeps coffee fresh | From €2.49
Joe Frex hario V60 Drip Kettle
Slow pour for 100% arabica and specialty coffees

Gourmet Ground Coffee for Sale

Coffee has become a prominent part of our morning routine. Moreover, being available in a range of ground coffee types, coffee products give us energy for the new day and allow us to enjoy incomparable taste and aroma. Blue Star Coffee provides a selection of coffee products that enable you to brew a delicious ground coffee espresso yourself at home or in the office. We offer only the most authentic coffee from the best ground coffee brands, providing ground coffee beans from the best plantations. Therefore, if you are looking for a full-bodied, expertly roasted ground coffee, you will indeed find the best option in our collection.

What is Ground Coffee?

Ground coffee is the most common type of coffee you can find in local department stores and online supermarkets. It represents powdered granules that result from grinding whole coffee beans. In essence, all kinds of coffee initially come from the coffee tree. Harvested coffee tree fruits get picked and processed to access the main seeds called green coffee beans. After careful roasting, these green coffee beans turn into whole coffee beans, ready for the grind into particles that are called ground coffee. Ground coffee beans boast excellent flavour appreciated all over the world.

Benefits of Choosing Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is produced from whole coffee beans. After the comprehensive coffee grinding process, ground coffee beans are ready to be packed and sold worldwide. Although some coffee fans prefer whole coffee beans to use with their automatic coffee machines, many people still choose ground coffee espresso. It is much more accessible and affordable and boasts fast and straightforward brewing. Therefore, if you can't imagine your morning without a cup of freshly brewed coffee, different ground coffee types come as your best solution. Moreover, you can choose ground coffee for coffee machine or employ the traditional brewing method for this product.

Range of Coffee Grind Sizes

To get a genuine coffee experience, you need to understand all the specific characteristics ground coffee has. As for the ground coffee beans, they come in different coffee grind sizes, and the grades of ground coffee affect the entire coffee extraction. The correct temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, brew time and the right coffee grind make the perfect coffee in your cup. In essence, there is a series of coffee grind sizes recommended for specific coffee brewing methods called coffee grind chart. By following the essentials of this chart, you can get a fully balanced coffee extraction and a superior taste of your coffee.

Coarse, Medium-Coarse & Extra Coarse

Usually, general coarse coffee grounds resemble kosher sea salt. This size of ground coffee particles is perfect for brewing coffee in the French press, coffee cup and percolator. Medium-coarse coffee grind, or the middle ground, has an equal look with rough sand and is recommended to use together with a clever dripper, Chemex coffee maker & Café Solo brewer.

At the same time, the extra coarse grind of ground coffee beans is perfect for making cold brew coffee and cowboy coffee. Particles achieved after grinding to extra coarse grind size are larger than those related to general coarse grind, and you can get this grind size using almost any type of conical burr coffee grinder.

Medium Coffee Grind Size

The medium grind size of coffee products is suitable for Aeropress, cone-shaped and pour-over coffee makers, siphon coffee brewers, and flat bottom drip coffee machines. Among all ground coffee types, this one is perfect for getting started with exploring the variety of coffee grinds. It is similar to regular sand or ordinary sea salt and is ideal for drip methods of coffee brewing.

Fine, Medium-Fine & Extra Fine

If you prefer using Aeropress with at least one or two minutes of brew time, the Moka pot or general espresso brewing with or without the coffee machine, a classic fine grind of ground coffee is your best choice. Moreover, this ground coffee type is the most common option you can find in shops, especially if you prefer various pre-ground coffee products. What's more about fine coffee grind size, it resembles table salt or powdered sugar.

The next is a medium-fine grind or pour-over coffee grind. This coffee grind size looks finer than sand and is suitable for pour-over or cone-shaped coffee makers and the Aeropress. But if you can't imagine your morning routine without brewing Turkish coffee, the extra fine coffee grind size is optimal for you. It looks like flour or powder.

Buy Ground Coffee Beans Online at Blue Star Coffee

Supplying excellent coffee products from the most popular ground coffee brands, we guarantee the best possible quality of coffee from cup to cup. You can find high-end ground coffee for coffee machines as well as for other standard brewing methods in our extensive online catalogue. We stock best selling coffee blends for cafés, restaurants, bars and home use. By choosing ground coffee espresso from Blue Star Coffee, you get a premium selection that is an absolute pleasure to brew, serve and drink.

Whether you need a pure Arabica ground coffee or delicious blends of Arabica and Robusta, you will indeed find a perfect coffee in our collection. At Blue Star Coffee, we offer outstanding, full-bodied ground coffee beans with rich flavour and aroma, and so with us, you can enjoy favourable coffee every time you need a burst of energy and a good mood. If you have questions or want to get a piece of advice on the product choice, don't hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are happy to provide additional information about the coffee products listed in the catalogue and assist you with your inquiry.