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Joe Frex

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Joe Frex Knockbox brown
Pure birchwood with natural grain
Joe Frex Knockbox black
Birchwood with natural grain
Espresso shot glass Joe Frex
From €2.90
Joe Frex Basic knockbox Black
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Basic knockbox grey
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joefrex Beechwood Tamper seat
Espresso tamper tamper seat
Coffee grounds digital scales
Tool for setting the grind
Coffee spoon measuring scales
Tool for setting the grind
Espresso gear attento click mat
Click - for perfect puck density
Joe Frex Silicon Tamper seat
Espresso tamper tamper seat
Portafilter Pressure Gauge Kit
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Concept art Espresso Timer
Timer for shots 18-23 sec
Espresso Timer
Timer for shots 18-23 sec
Joefrex filter basket remover
Cleaning tool to remove filter basket
Naked portafilter Keyring
Tamper Key ring - A must have for coffee lovers
Corner Tamping mat
Espresso tamper seat and tamping
Concept art Tamping mat
Ideal home tamper mat
Group head nylon brush
Joe Frex
JoeFrex Steam Cloth black
No more burning while cleaning
Circular Group Head Brush 55mm
Efficient group cleaning for 53mm/55mm groups
Circular Group Head Brush 58mm
Efficient group cleaning for 56mm/58mm groups
Group head Aluminium brush
Long group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Aluminium brush head
Replacement head for aluminium brush
Group head Steaming brush
Quicker and more powerful cleaning
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Concept art also known as Joe Frex - are a German company specializing in coffee accessories for the discerning barista.
They design cutting edge Barista accessories to the highest standard, Joe Frex have many copy cats but no equal.
From espresso tamping mats to Espresso coffee tampers to espresso coffee group steam cleaning Joe Frex have you covered.

Joe Frex for German innovation precision and reliability.