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Joe Frex

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Espresso shot glass Joe Frex
Ideal tool for grind adjustment
Joe Frex Knockbox black
Birchwood with natural grain
Joe Frex Knockbox brown
Birchwood with natural grain
Joe Frex Knockbox metal
Stainless steel
Joe Frex Knockbox steel
Birchwood with removable stainless steel box
Joe Frex Basic knockbox Black
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Basic knockbox grey
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Basic knockbox red
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Tamping mat Silicone Black
Counter protector and tamper rest
Joefrex tamper base - BLACK
Exclusive tamper seat - home for the tamper or portafilter rest
Joe Frex classic tamping stand
Quality tamper station
Joe Frex corner tamping station
Bottomless portafilter tamper station
Joe Frex level tamping stand
Level tamping station
JoeFrex barista cloth
From €3.49 | Large barista cloth | 40cm x 40 cm
JoeFrex Barista Cloths x 4
Steam cloth x 2 | Large barista with clip x 1 | General cloth x 1
JoeFrex Steam Cloth Black
No more burning while cleaning
JoeFrex Steam Cloth blue
No more burned hands
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Due end of Sept.| Keep coffee grinder area clean
Group head Aluminium brush
Long group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Aluminium brush head x 2
Replacement head for aluminium brush
Group head Steaming brush new
Fits: 3 wand sizes - Quick and powerful cleaning
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush  Large  58mm
Groups that use 58mm tampers
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush Medium 55mm
Groups that use 57mm tampers
Joe Frex group head nylon brush
Due end of Sept.| From €2.99 Joe Frex
Milk hose  brush 6mm  x 190mm
Cleans steel straw | silicon hose |
Espresso Timer
Time espresso shots| Filter brew time| Tea brew time
Joe Frex Portafilter Pressure Gauge
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Joefrex filter basket remover
Cleaning tool to remove filter basket
Joe Frex latte  jug 350ml
Latte art for smaller cups
Joe Frex latte art milk jug 350ml
Narrow spout for latte art | 1 -2 cups professional jug
Joe Frex milk jug  pirate
Choose 350ml or 590ml size
Joe Frex milk jug 350ml
1 -2 cups professional jug
Joe Frex milk jug 350ml copper
1-2 cups jug
Joe Frex latte  jug 500ml
Europa style latte jug | Makes 2 Latte
Joe Frex milk jug 600ml
2 Latte | Cappuccino
Joe Frex milk thermometer
No more burned tongues
Joe Frex milk jug  950ML
2-4 cups commercial jug
Joe Frex Coffee grounds digital scales
Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex Coffee spoon measuring scales
Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 51mm
Smeg |Pavoni | Bodum | DElonghi |
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 53mm
Estro, Faema Family, La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si, La Spaziale, Mypressi Twist,Saeco,Solis| Sage
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 54mm
La San Marco |Izzo |Dalla Corte |Olmpia Max
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 58mm
100% stainless steel | Even puck | Perfect puck density | Reduce channelling
Joe Frex - adjustable leveller 58mm
Helps reduce channellings | Adjustable to 11mm depth
Joe Frex -wooden adjustable leveller 51mm
La Pavoni | GAGGIA |Olympia |Delonghi |Bodum
Joe Frex -wooden adjustable leveller 58mm
New in - Limited availability | Helps reduce channelling | Adjustable depth
Joe Frex deep coffee tamper
Deep base to reduce channeling|53mm| 57mm | 58mm
Joefrex  glass coffee Tamper 58mm
Limited production |Collectors item | objet d'art | Almost sold-out
Joefrex  precision coffee Tamper
49.5mm |51.5mm
Cocoa dredger Joe Frex
Contents are visable in case you run out
Joe Frex  Espresso Timer scales
Weigh coffee grounds /coffee shot | Time espresso extraction
Multi tool Keychain
6 in 1 pocket screwdriver and cutter
Naked portafilter Keychain
Tamper Key ring - A must have for coffee lovers
Coffee bag  clip and measure spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip x 1
Keeps coffee fresh | From €2.49
Joe Frex hario V60 Drip Kettle
Slow pour for 100% arabica and specialty coffees
Joe Frex  300cl cup x 4
4 x Jumbo 300ml Cappuccino cup/Saucer
Joe Frex coffee cupping tray
From 1.99 - Save 20%
Joe Frex espresso cup set
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer/spoons
Joe Frex espresso cup tray
From €5.99
Joe Frex latte art gift set 
3 x Latte art tools
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Unique Espresso spoons
Joefrex Latte Hot chocolate spoon set
6 x Unique Cappuccino spoons
​​​​​​​Clean boiler descaler 500ml
E61 machines | Home machines| ascaso| Gaggia| Rancilio| Delonghi| Nespresso
​​​​​​​Clean Grind  grinder cleaner 500G
Clean your grinder for max taste| €0.80 per clean
​​​​​​​Clean starter kit
Every thing you will need for a new machine
Concept art also known as Joe Frex - are a German company specializing in coffee accessories for the discerning barista.
They design cutting edge Barista accessories to the highest standard, Joe Frex have many copy cats but no equal.
From espresso tamping mats to Espresso coffee tampers to espresso coffee group steam cleaning Joe Frex have you covered.

Joe Frex for German innovation precision and reliability.