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Lever Espresso Machine Parts

Lever coffee machines have returned us a sense of direct tactile influence on all espresso brewing process. A person who prepares coffee using such manual equipment can see and feel everything that happens inside, down to the minor changes in flavour and aroma. However, even the most reliable coffee equipment is subject to wear and tear and the risk of accidental breakdowns that professionals cannot always prevent. In this case, a proven partner providing all the necessary lever espresso machine parts, tools, and accessories will be the best assistant for every barista.

Blue Star Coffee is a special place where every barista and coffee lover can find a complete range of perfect espresso products. This category presents a comprehensive collection of lever group parts and consumables to help get your equipment back to top condition.

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E&B Nanotech shower screen E61200RNT
E61 groups and commercial machines | 200 µm |127 holes
E61 Shower screen
Fits most E61 models | Lelit Mara |Bianca
IMS E61200IM shower screen
E61 groups and commercial machines | 200 µm | 98 holes
IMS E6135WM shower screen
E61 groups and commercial machines | 35 µm |120 holes
IMS Nanotech shower screen E61200NT
E61 groups | Commercial machines | 200 µm | 98 holes
IMS shower screen SanMarco Leva SML200IM
Fits: |La San Marco leva|MyWay Alex Leva
Cafelat group lever gasket  kit
Astoria | CMA | Brasilia| Bosco |Fracino| Kees VDW | Londinium| Quickmill
Cafelat group lever gasket  set
Astoria | CMA | Brasilia| Bosco |Fracino| Kees VDW | Londinium| Quickmill and more
Cafelat lever gasket
Astoria, CMA, Brasilia, Bosco, BFC, KeesVDW, Fiorenzato, Fracino, Quickmill, Pavoni, Profitec, Royal, VBM, Wega, V Arduino | Ø 66mm x 56mm x 6mm
La Cimbali Lever group piston gasket set
Astoria, CMA,| BFC | Brasilia, Fiorenzato| Fracino | Royal | Vibiemme| Pavoni |V Arduino |Wega and more
Lever group  gasket  conical
Astoria, CMA, Brasilia, BFC, Quickmill, Fiorenzato| Pavoni|V Arduino |Wega| Viebemme | 66mm x 56mm x 6 mm 
Lever group cylinder O ring
Astoria, CMA,| Brasilia, Fiorenzato| Fracino| Pavoni |V Arduino |Wega.
Lever group cylinder O ring  161epdm
Astoria, CMA,| Brasilia, Fiorenzato| Fracino |Pavoni |V Arduino |Wega
Lever group gasket
Astoria, CMA, Brasilia, BFC, Quickmill, Fiorenzato| Fracino | Pavoni|V Arduino |Wega| Viebemme | 66mm x 56mm x 5.5
Lever group gasket set
Astoria, CMA,| BFC | Brasilia, Fiorenzato| Fracino | Royal | Vibiemme| Pavoni |V Arduino |Wega and more
Silicon grease
Provides lubrication for: Pistons| Steam taps| Water tap| Steam wands| E61 groups
Silicon grease 40g
Provides lubrication for: Pistons| Steam taps| Water tap| Steam wands| E61 groups
Izzo  bottomless portafilter
La san Marco | Izzo My Way
Izzo  double  portafilter
La san Marco | Izzo My Way
Izzo walnut bottomless portafilter
Izzo Lever | La San Marco
Bezzera lever portafilter double
Strega | B2006 ALZ| Lever groups
Fiorenzato CS  Naked portafilter
Fiorenzato C.s Piazza San Marco 
Quick Mill  Naked portafilter Achille
Quick mill Achille
Lever group shower screen
Astoria, CMA,| Brasilia, Fiorenzato| Pavoni |V Arduino |Wega
Astoria CMA  Naked portafilter
Adria |Ania |Argenta |Brave |CK |Denice | Divina | Dora | Lisa | Perla | Pratic | Rapallo | Sibella| Vania
Coffee dosing funnel Magnetic 58mm
Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​Nuova Simonelli |​​​​​​​Quick mill ++
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keeps your filter basket clean | Quicker than a cloth
Gasket and o ring  pick and hook set
💰 Save 20% | Essential tool for: Group gaskets | Lever Piston | O rings
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Lower shower puck screen
Helps reduce channelling. | 49.5mm | 51.5mm 58.5mm portafilters
Portafilter wall rack 58mm
Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​​​​​​​Quick mill and more

Best Lever Espresso Machine Parts

The lever espresso machine is a unique mechanism that allows focusing on the coffee taste and barista skills & knowledge. Moreover, it is small and makes espresso preparation a particular ritual, so this kind of machinery is commonly used in small bars, concept coffee shops, and homes. Regular maintenance required by any equipment and the barista attentiveness can prevent major lever group breakage by 90%. However, wear and tear on some lever parts can come as an unpleasant surprise and delay the coffee tasting for a while.

Having spare lever group parts and a trusted supplier who can deliver the goods quickly is the best solution that baristas can choose for their lever coffee machines. That is why Blue Star Coffee offers customers the most comfortable delivery methods and provides comprehensive support for the coffee business & hobby. We are expanding the collection of original lever espresso machine parts with the best accessories and tools that make service and repair more convenient.

Choosing the Right Lever Espresso Machine Parts

The main misconception of beginners is that purchasing lever coffee machine parts is necessary for repair exclusively. However, experts and well-experienced specialists assure that replacing most consumables and accessories is more practical before signs of severe wear and damage appear. Gaskets, filters & shower screens condition, availability of lubricant on moving mechanisms are the main things that baristas should pay attention to while doing routine maintenance, along with surface and deep cleaning. The importance of timely replacing the lever group parts is independent of where you use the coffee machine.

Correct operation of lever group machines is critical as it is more demanding and human sensitive than more common electronic models. Although the range of breakdowns inherent in mechanical machinery is relatively minor, they all lead to the same result – stopping the coffee machine. It is also vital to focus on the smallest details that indicate a malfunction of the lever parts.

Water Leakage

It usually happens at the place of sealing joints due to loss of tightness. Dismantle the compartment and check the lever group gaskets, their tightness, and condition to the whole. Make sure their surface is solid, flexible, and resilient. Sealing lever group parts can lose their properties due to foreign particles and sediments. Clean them thoroughly and decalcify the surface with cleaning products – this may help; otherwise, replacing the accessory would be the best solution.

Poor Coffee Extraction

It can include poor channelling or lack of coffee flow. In some cases, strange noises and whistling sounds accompany attempts to make an espresso. Usually, the key to fix the problem is to clean the shower screens and water pipes. You can do this with special brushes and additional tools. If surface cleaning didn't clear the blockage entirely, it makes sense to utilise decalcifying cleaners or replace the appropriate lever group parts.

Lack of Coffee or Steam

Make sure that the supply and heating of water are carried out from the boiler. Having a boiler pressure gauge or thermometer can help with this. If the water temperature stays the same, the problem may be a worn or defective heating mechanism. In the absence of the required pressure, it is worth paying attention to the handle lever parts, including the spring and piston. Occasionally an airlock can form inside water pipes & steam wands. In the first case, a thorough cleaning will help; in the second, pass a stream of water through the steam wand. In major breakdowns, it is best to contact a specialist who can identify the malfunction more accurately.

Lever Group Repair & Maintenance 

Many external factors, which do not depend on the barista's skills, affect the lever group parts' state. Hard water and limescale, contamination with coffee oils, accidental mechanical damage – all this leads to inevitable clogging of internal mechanisms and breakdowns. It is excellent to ensure proper maintenance of the coffee machine and take advantage of practical recommendations from the manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, we recommend contacting competent specialists or a service centre. Most repairs and replacement of lever group parts help to extend the lifespan of a coffee machine.

Premium Lever Group Parts for Sale

Today, it is quite challenging to find a lever coffee machine in an ordinary coffee shop. Not all business owners can afford to prolong espresso preparation and hire a highly qualified barista. Lever group mechanisms require physical effort, an absolute understanding of the espresso extraction processes, and the ability to control them. Although professional lever group parts are not cheap, they are a great option to breathe a new life in your coffee machine. 

Making an espresso using lever mechanisms is absolute magic, a performance that attracts coffee gourmets with the aesthetics and incredible drinks taste. The ability to use lever equipment correctly indicates a barista's superior skills. There is no need to stop the coffee-making process. We stock premium lever espresso machine parts from the world's best manufacturers, offering the original quality of products and their constant availability.

Quality Parts for Lever Coffee Machines

If you know everything about the lever group structure and proper care and strictly adhere to operation & maintenance rules, then a breakdown is the last thing that can happen to your coffee equipment. However, the maintenance and planned replacement of old lever parts remain relevant in any case. Regular cleaning of shower screens & pipelines, gaskets, cylinders & pistons, renewal of the silicone sealant, and thermal paste will improve the coffee machine's performance and make the barista's job easier. The need to replace other lever espresso machine parts like dosing funnels & portafilters is much less common, but it is also essential for proper functioning. Therefore, choose the most suitable option from the presented lever coffee machine parts, and we will quickly deliver the order to right your door!

Choose Top Lever Parts for Your Espresso Machine

Lever coffee machines use a spring-loaded piston, and when lifted, the piston pulls water from the reservoir into a small chamber and then forces the water into the espresso puck as the piston is lowered.

The experienced barista has complete control and judges by eye the extraction time by adjusting the pressure and extraction time. Pre-infusion, which is a pre-soak for the coffee puck, will help to reduce channelling.

Channelling is where water finds the path of the least resistance, which forms channels or indents in the spent coffee puck. The result is that coffee in the channel is over-extracted, and coffee outside it is under-extracted, resulting in bitter shots with little crema.

The home of espresso lever machines is Napoli, Italy, where machines are handmade such as Bosco, Izzo MyWay since the 1960s. Since then, Italian manufacturers such as La Pavonii, Wega, Astoria, Bezzera, Brasília, Olympia, Quickmill, Profitec, and UK manufacturer Fracino and Londoninium have produced manual lever espresso machines. They are used widely in mobile carts where machines can be operated by gas and home environments for espresso purists.

Blue Star Coffee supplies lever piston gaskets, lever group gaskets for both modern piston levers that use e61 shower screens and the push on and clip on shower screens for older models. Cafelat uses the easy to install and remove silicon piston and group gaskets for most lever machines such as Pavoni Europiccola and Bezzera Strega.