We have included some links that you may find relevant or interesting - below;

https://www.ascaso.com/div-espresso-coffee-machines-grinders/home.html Ascaso full range
https://dolcevitacaffe.it/en/ Fab range of coffee inc our Biodegradable nespresso compatible pods
https://agust.it/en/ The best coffee since 1956

https://www.pulicaff.com/store/store/comersus_index.asp Cleans all  coffee machines
http://www.metallurgicamotta.it/ Making coffee accessories since 1967

https://www.fracino.com/  Made in Birmingham UK by Maxwell family since 1963
https://www.caffedelcaravaggio.it/en/ Fabulous coffee pods and coffee

Coffee blog:


https://coffeeblog.co.uk/  Inc large list of coffee roasters and blog about coffee machines.