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Milk Jug

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Milk jug pitcher 0.4L
1-2 cup |Home milk jug
Ascaso Dream milk Jug 0.4 L
1-2 cup home milk jug
Ascaso Steel milk jug - 0.6L
1-3 Cups Ascaso PID |Gaggia|Rancilio
Milk jug - 0.6L
1-3 Cups Ascaso PID |Gaggia|Rancilio
Handlefree bell  jug  0.475L
1-2 Cups Home | Commercial
Handlefree Latte art jug  0.6L
1-3 Cups Home | Commercial
Latte Art jug  0.450L
1-2 cup milk jug
Latte Art jug  0.750L
1-4 cup Commercial | Home
Motta Europa milk  jug  .5L
1-2 cup Commercial | Home
Motta Europa milk  jug  .5L Red
1-2 cup Commercial | Home
Évolution Latte Art jug  750ml
8-9 cup Latte art jug
1 liter milk  frothing Jug
Ideal commercial size - 4-6 cups
Yagua Milk Jug temperature  label
Fits on any jug
Espresso Gear Milk Jug temperature sticker
Fits on any jug
Ascaso 1.6 L milk Jug
1.6L commercial Milk Jug
Thermometer and clip
No more burning milk or tongue
Brown barista Cloth x1
Inc belt clip.
Barista Cloth s x 4
Set of 4 microfiber cloths
Barista Cloth set x 2
Commercial grade - Inc belt clip
JoeFrex Steam Cloth black
No more burning while cleaning


To get the best froth when steaming for Cappuccino or Latte art, its important that your milk is always cold, taken directly from the fridge 4°C and fresh! Cold milk will give you micro bubbles and allow you to stretch the milk for frothy cappuccinos.

In a commercial setting for the cafe or bar you should have a different frothing jugs.
A commercial milk frothing jug ideal size should be 1liter  or 1.5 liter and a smaller .5 liter milk jug for flat white coffees.
A teflon coated jug is ideal for soya milk or Italian chocolate so the milk wont stick after frothing and is easily cleaned after.
Colored jugs will allow you to distinguish between full fat milk and skimmed milks.
Latte art milk steaming jugs are best for latte art as they have a pouring spout and a shape that aids micro bubbles.
Handle free milk steaming jugs are perfect for latte art and flat white coffees, they are well insulated so wont burn your hands.

For the home the ideal milk jug should be 400ml to 600mm.
A smaller 0.4l jug is ideal for 1-2 cups as you have just enough room and is quicker than a larger jug.
The 0.6 liter jugs are best suited for larger 58mm groups  and will give 2-3 cups at a time.
The handle free milk jugs are in smaller sizes .45liters and will make 1-2 cups at at time. They have a silicon insulation to protect your hands.
These jugs are perfectly designed and shaped to enable you to create smooth milk foam for cappuccinos and latte macchiato. The spouts are ideal for latte art on cappuccinos. 
Home milk frothing jug: 0.4 liter or 0.6 Liter ( Ideal for Ascaso, Rancilio and Gaggia coffee machines)


The are 2 parts of the milk steaming process:
Stretching the milk, which introduces air, and the rolling phase, which blends the air with the milk to achieve the fine micro-foam. Make sure to never heat up the milk foam beyond 160°F, other wise you can burn the milk and the customers taste buds, which can take a day to recover.