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Barista Milk Jugs for Making Coffee

Among the many accessories and tools for making coffee, milk jugs are the most common and recognisable products. Coffee milk jugs are essential for frothing milk for lattes and cappuccino using steam wands. You will find many highest quality jugs in various sizes and shapes to help baristas get the perfect results in no time! Check out our helpful selection guidelines or ask Blue Star Coffee's competent experts to help you choose the best product for individual needs effortlessly. You can also find accompanying accessories and tools for latte art, stainless steel milk jugs care, and tools for keeping your workplace clean.

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Joe Frex milk jug 350ml
1 -2 cups | Thick steel for heat retention | Commercial
Milk jug pitcher 350ml
💰 Save 30% - while stock lasts | 1-2 cup |Home milk jug
Motta Europa milk  jug  350ml Steel
Original Motta Flat white jug |💰 Save 5.5€
Ilsa Evolution milk  jug  3.5L Black
Perfect for Flat whites
Joe Frex latte  jug 350ml
Perfect for Flat whites |Thick steel for heat retention | Commercial
Motta Europa milk  jug  350ml Black
Perfect for Flat whites |Thick steel for heat retention | Commercial
Motta Europa milk  jug  350ml White
Perfect for Flat whites |Thick steel for heat retention | Commercial
Joe Frex black milk jug  pirate
Choose 350ml or 590ml | Thick steel for heat retention | Commercial
Joe Frex milk jug 600ml
2 Latte / Cappuccino | Thick steel for better heat retention
Milk jug pitcher 600ml
1-3 cup |Home milk jug
Joe Frex latte  jug 500ml
Flat whites |Thick steel for heat retention
Motta Europa milk  jug  500ml Steel
Original Motta Flat white jug |💰Save 5.5€
Motta Europa milk  jug  500ml White
Perfect for Flat whites
Motta Europa milk  jug 500ml Black
1-2 cup Commercial | Home
Handlefree Latte art jug  0.6L
1-3 Cups Home | Commercial
Joe Frex latte  jug 750ml
Europa style | Makes 2-4 Latte | Thick steel | Commercial
Motta Europa milk  jug  750ml White
3-4 cup Commercial
Motta Europa milk  jug 750ml Steel
3-4 cup Commercial
Joe Frex milk thermometer
Large face | No burnt milk or tongue | No pain latte
Motta thermometer and clip
No burnt milk or tongue | No pain latte
1 liter milk  frothing Jug
Ideal commercial size - 4-6 cups
Joe Frex milk jug  950ML
2-4 cups commercial jug |Thick steel for better heat retention
EDO Blue barista Cloth
Glass | S steel | Steam wand| 30cm X 40cm
JoeFrex Barista Cloths x 4
Steam cloth x 2 | Large barista with clip x 1 | General cloth x 1
JoeFrex Steam Cloth Black
No more burned hands
Edo espresso Shot Pot
💰 from €4.45
Mini Whisk WDT tool
Helps reduce channeling with naked portafilters
Krome Dispense Rinser counter top
Clean and cool milk jug | Rinse takeout keep cup | Rinse glass
JoeFrex Steam Cloth blue
💰 Save 3€ | No more burned hands

Top-Quality Coffee Milk Jugs

High-quality extra tools, accessories, and consumables are the first thing you should pay attention to after purchasing a professional coffee machine & grinder. Choosing the right coffee equipment simplifies the barista's life significantly and helps recreate the perfect drink while maintaining the flavour and quality from cup to cup. Coffee milk jugs are an indispensable part of every coffee maker's toolkit to create that rich froth.

Barista milk jugs are accessories, without which it is impossible to prepare cappuccino, latte, and many other drinks, which contain stable milk froth. Professional jugs have unique design features that allow baristas to quickly and easily create coffee cocktails and surface designs. Explore the entire range of first-class stainless steel milk jugs, which Blue Star Coffee experts have carefully selected among many analogues, especially for latte and cappuccino lovers! The original quality of products, trusted & well-known brands, and affordable prices complete the wide product range.

Stainless Steel Milk Jugs for Steaming & Latte Art

The need to purchase this accessory for automatic coffee machinery equipped with a built-in cappuccino maker usually depends on individual preference and barista skills. However, lever and semi-automatic machines with steam wands were quite another matter. This professional equipment allows preparing froth separately and use it for creating coffee cocktails manually.

The process of whipping milk with steam has its nuances and requires experience. However, regular training teaches you how to handle the steam wand better and produce latte art masterpieces. Professional metal milk jugs play an essential role in this case. The containers help to maintain the correct liquid temperature and allow beginners to adjust the product's volume using the measuring scales printed on the sides.

Features of Coffee Milk Jugs for Latte Art

Spout shape and the sizes of milk jugs are critical when choosing the right accessory as these parameters allow baristas to control the flow of milk froth and create stunning patterns on the drink surface. Latte art experts favour jugs with pointed and tapered noses to help create a thin milk channel. Depending on the desired result, some specialists usually only need one milk jug 600ml or 350 ml. Well-trained professionals, in turn, use an additional set of special tools and spoons to work with details.

The Blue Star Coffee assortment offers a definitive collection of different milk jugs for sale, among which we focus on first-class latte art products from Joe Frex, Motta, and other well-known manufacturers. You can also find additional tools and gift sets in the Spoons and Barista Accessories sections, which will be a pleasant surprise for latte and cappuccino fans.

Large and Small Milk Jugs from Blue Star Coffee

The variety of types and sizes of milk jugs defies the imagination and is a bit overwhelming for beginners who don't know how to make the right choice. Experienced professionals usually use 350 ml, 500-600 ml, or 0.75-litre milk jugs. Other container sizes are somewhat less standard. Notably, milk jugs' sizes define a few additional working nuances that baristas need to consider when whipping milk directly.

  • Please note that the optimal filling of coffee milk jugs is 2/3, i.e., milk jug 600ml is suitable for whipping from 200 to 300 ml of milk required for 2 cups of cappuccino.

  • Small milk jugs hold less liquid, complicating the frothing process and increasing the risk of milk overheating. For this reason, many coffee drinkers prefer to use more liquid at first and make more froth.

  • Large milk jugs require specific barista skills to lower the steam wand and whip the liquid entirely correctly.

  • The type of coffee machine used also influences milk jugs' choice – make sure the steam spout can reach the jug's bottom at an angle. If necessary, take measurements of steam wands in advance and select a container of the appropriate height.

  • Walls thickness – the thicker they are, the better because the surface of coffee milk jugs accumulates some heat and allows the milk to be whipped longer. This option is not critical for beginners but is vital for professionals seeking a more delicate and fluffy coffee froth.

Either way, don't worry if your first impression of working with milk froth is unfortunate. Experience comes with regular training, and original stainless steel milk jugs from Blue Star Coffee will make the learning process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Pay Attention to the Material of Barista Milk Jugs

In addition to the spout shape and the sizes of milk jugs, several other nuances significantly impact these accessories' functionality. Primary, it is the material from which the containers are made. Plastic jugs usually come with espresso machines, but they don't boast a long service life and can't maintain temperature. Ceramic milk jugs look original, but they hold a little product, which is why they are suitable for home use mainly. Metal containers are versatile, offering excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance.

Blue Star Coffee makes sure professional baristas and coffee lovers get the best products to create the perfect drinks. We offer a large selection of stainless steel milk jugs with and without decorative topcoats. These coffee milk jugs will help you maintain the ideal temperature during each froth creation stage to get the perfect base for drinks and latte art.

Buy Premium Metal Milk Jugs from Blue Star Coffee

Stainless steel milk jugs with handles are the most optimal for professional use in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants with high traffic. These accessories are practical, functional, and have fantastic durability against mechanical damage. Sealed sides provide good thermal conductivity, allowing you to control the froth temperature at all interaction stages with milk. Barista milk jugs with narrow noses are handy for creating art on lattes and cappuccino surfaces, opening up more professional creativity space.

You can find all these products and much more in Blue Star Coffee's online catalogue, where we have collected an extensive set of first-class accessories and tools for making coffee. We also stock thermometers and recessed temperature labels, stencils, and cloths that perfectly complement the large selection of small & large milk jugs from trusted European manufacturers.

Best Milk Frothing Jugs

To get the best froth when steaming for Cappuccino or Latte art, your milk must always be cold, taken directly from the fridge 4°C and fresh! Cold milk will give you microbubbles, allowing you to stretch the milk for frothy cappuccinos.

In a commercial setting for the café or bar, you should have different frothing jugs:

  • The ideal size of commercial milk frothing jug should be 1 litre or 1.5 litres and smaller — 5-litre milk jug for flat white coffees.

  • Teflon coated jug is ideal for soya milk or Italian chocolate, so the milk won't stick after frothing and is easily cleaned after.

  • Coloured jugs will allow you to distinguish between full-fat milk and skimmed kinds of milk.

  • Latte art milk steaming jugs are best for latte art as they have a pouring spout and a shape that aids microbubbles.

  • Handle free milk steaming jugs are perfect for latte art and flat white coffees. They are well insulated so that they won't burn your hands.

For the home, the ideal milk jug should be from 400ml to 600ml.

  • A more miniature 0.4l jug is ideal for 1-2 cups as you have just enough room and is quicker than a larger jug.

  • The 0.6-litre jugs are best suited for larger 58mm groups and will give 2-3 cups at a time.

  • The handle-free milk jugs are in smaller sizes. 4.5 litres and will make 1-2 cups at a time. They have silicon insulation to protect your hands.

  • These jugs are perfectly designed and shaped to enable you to create smooth milk foam for cappuccinos and latte macchiato. The spouts are ideal for latte art on cappuccinos. 

  • Home milk frothing jug: 0.4 or 0.6 litres (Ideal for Ascaso, Rancilio and Gaggia coffee machines).


The are 2 parts of the milk steaming process:
Stretching the milk, which introduces air, and the rolling phase, which blends the air with the milk to achieve the fine micro-foam. Make sure to never heat up the milk foam beyond 160°F, other wise you can burn the milk and the customers taste buds, which can take a day to recover.