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Nespresso Compatible Pods & Capsules

The Swiss brand Nespresso was the first to respond to the challenge of creating innovative coffee capsules. They are so successful in this business that the company has maintained its worldwide fame and popularity for more than ten years. The contemporary collection of Nespresso coffee products is presented in several dozen types of capsules from the best coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. Besides, the number of partners and collaborations with various brands is also gradually increasing, adding new flavours and blends to the Nespresso compatible pods & capsules range.

Explore endless flavours with Blue Star Coffee by sampling the best of the compatible Nespresso coffee pods assortment! Excellent quality coffee materials, 100% compatibility with Nespresso coffee machines, and affordable prices make this collection the #1 choice for coffee lovers who value their time.

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Dolce Vita  Supremo 1 x 10 capsules
100% Arabica | Extra smooth| Compostable
Dolce Vita Intenso Bio 1 x 10 capsules
Italian Espresso blend | Extra creamy| Compostable
Dolce Vita Vellutato 1 x 10 capsules
Italian Espresso blend | Smooth and creamy| Compostable
Dolce Vita Vellutato sampler set  3 x 10  pods
100% Compostable Nespresso compatible pods

Premium Nespresso Compatible Pods & Coffee Capsules

The unique size and shape of the capsules and the technical features of capsule coffee machines impose certain restrictions on the choice of coffee products used since the espresso makers can only guarantee excellent quality when using original or Nespresso compatible pods. This fact has certain disadvantages that Nespresso can quickly neutralise by increasing the collection of flavours on its own and with the support of partners. However, when purchasing specialised coffee products compatible with original capsule coffee machines, you can rest assured that the manufacturer has taken care of:

  • Premium quality of coffee products. Nespresso compatible capsules contain premium coffee materials from the best high-altitude coffees.

  • Preserving coffee making standards. The portion of coffee in the capsule is precisely calculated according to the amount of water and the technical features of the espresso machine to obtain perfect drinks.

  • Correct pods' production. Properly prepared coffee products best convey the blend's taste; you don't have to worry about roasting, grinding & tamping your coffee beans because Nespresso compatible coffee pods are ready to drink.

  • Proper storage. Sealed packaging reliably protects original and Nespresso compatible pods against moisture, sun & air, extending the lifespan of coffee products dramatically.

  • Ease of brewing. Making coffee with capsules doesn't take much time, preventing the mess in your home, office, or bar.

  • Protect the environment. Compatible Nespresso coffee pods from Dolce Vita are made from high-quality and food-safe bioplastic that decomposes quickly after capsule use.


Thus, Nespresso compatible pods come as a versatile option that allows every coffee lover to enjoy a cup of authentic espresso anywhere and anytime. In turn, Blue Star Coffee will provide you with premium coffees from trusted and reliable manufacturers, guaranteeing you fantastic taste and keeping your coffee machinery in perfect working condition.

How to Use Nespresso Compatible Flavoured Capsules?

Making coffee drinks with Nespresso compatible capsules is like using the original pods – insert the bag into the coffee maker, turn on the coffee machine, select the beverage type (if possible) and wait a moment. Nespresso equipment makes coffee preparation as easy as possible by making it automatic and doesn't have plenty of coffee machine care and maintenance requirements.

Please note that the Nespresso Dolce Vita collection is fully compatible with Nespresso Original coffee machines. However, this may not work for some of the latest models that offer more manual options like interacting with the built-in cappuccino maker. Suppose you are in doubt whether compatible Nespresso coffee pods are suitable for your coffee equipment. In that case, Blue Star Coffee consultants are always ready to help you investigate and select the best original products and analogues.


Package Features of Nespresso Dolce Vita

Typically, compatible Nespresso coffee pods are priced lower than original products, raising questions about the quality of the materials and packaging used. It is especially true if you want to make a purchase from an unknown store or brand. Blue Star Coffee cares about the quality of the presented products, choosing the best Nespresso compatible flavoured capsules from trusted manufacturers. For example, Nespresso Dolce Vita boasts various gourmet flavours and the enhanced packaging of each pod.

Dolce Vita pods and capsules are eco-friendly as they don't have harmful plastic that pollutes the environment and lack aluminium that affects taste quality. The manufacturer offers innovative technology for creating biodegradable packaging that reliably retains all the beneficial properties of coffee inside Nespresso compatible pods and makes it suitable for safe disposal after use. Until the moment of opening, the capsules do an excellent job of protecting the coffee product from external factors and begin to decompose only a week after the packaging has been depressurised.


Why Opt for Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods?

Coffee experts and gourmets are convinced that the perfect espresso results from painstaking work with interventions in every stage of the creation. However, it takes time and effort that capsule coffee machine owners usually don't have. In turn, manufacturers of Nespresso compatible pods prefer to use innovative equipment to create capsules to minimise human involvement. Thus, the selection of coffee beans, the temperature & duration of roasting, grinding, and forming of coffee pucks represent strictly established and carefully controlled technological processes. Compatible Nespresso coffee pods are packaged in sealed bags immediately after production, retaining all the flavouring properties of the coffee blend until the product is used.

Experience the high-end technology by trying out all the pods & capsules from the Nespresso Dolce Vita collection! When selecting a favourable product, pay attention to the primary criteria: cream, mild, and caffeine. They determine the degree of roast and taste of authentic Italian espresso. The soft and full-bodied flavour profile of 100% Arabica will delight coffee lovers with its simplicity and fantastic brewing speed. Moreover, the used coffee materials can become an excellent fertiliser for your plants.


Buy Nespresso Compatible Pods Online

Today Nespresso is the world-famous Swiss manufacturer of coffee products and coffee makers and the quality standard for coffee pods and capsules. The company offers a wide range of the best coffee blends with exquisite taste and aroma and the choice of Nespresso compatible pods from official partners expanding the base product catalogue. Discover the world of new coffee flavours and aromas by trying the premium coffee capsules presented in the Blue Star Coffee collection!

The Nespresso Dolce Vita set was specially designed for the original coffee machines using environment-friendly materials and premium quality freshly ground coffee beans stored inside small pods. The delicate taste and aroma of Nespresso compatible flavoured capsules are indistinguishable from coffee brewed by professional baristas. So choose Nespresso compatible pods and capsules at Blue Star Coffee to enjoy premium-quality coffee drinks at home or in the office!

Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

Get your coffee shop experience at home with Nespresso® Compatible Dolce Vita coffee Pods


Dolce Vita has created a Bio degradable capsule, specially designed to be used with Nespresso®* Original coffee machines, with the exception of U®*, Umilk®*, Expert®*, Expert&Milk®*, Prodigio®* and Prodigio&Milk®* models bought after 25 July 2016.

*Brand belonging to a third party which has no link to Dolce Vita


Coffee is a delicate product. Storage and preparation are crucial for an optimal taste experience. Our premium Bio capsules protect against oxygen, light and humidity. Aromas and flavours thus come fully into their own and guarantee you the perfect espresso.