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Nespresso compatibles

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Dolce Vita  Supremo 1 x 10 capsules
100% Arabica | Extra smooth| Compostable
Dolce Vita Intenso Bio 1 x 10 capsules
Italian Espresso blend | Extra creamy| Compostable
Dolce Vita Vellutato 1 x 10 capsules
Italian Espresso blend | Smooth and creamy| Compostable
Dolce Vita Vellutato sampler set  3 x 10  pods
100% Compostable Nespresso compatible pods

Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

Get your coffee shop experience at home with Nespresso® Compatible Dolce Vita coffee Pods


Dolce Vita has created a Bio degradable capsule, specially designed to be used with Nespresso®* Original coffee machines, with the exception of U®*, Umilk®*, Expert®*, Expert&Milk®*, Prodigio®* and Prodigio&Milk®* models bought after 25 July 2016.

*Brand belonging to a third party which has no link to Dolce Vita


Coffee is a delicate product. Storage and preparation are crucial for an optimal taste experience. Our premium Bio capsules protect against oxygen, light and humidity. Aromas and flavours thus come fully into their own and guarantee you the perfect espresso.