Portafilter Pressure Gauge

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Fits all 3/8'' portafilters

Portafilter pressure gauge ⚠️ Some assembly required


This gauge is used to check your espresso machine's pump pressure
With this kit, so you can adjust the OPV (over pressure valve) or pump - to give you 9 bars of pump pressure.
Over time your pump pressure fades but when you can adjust the pump you can restore the lost coffee crema.
Measures 0-16 bar.

Material: Stainless Steel adaptor, Plastic gauge with steel parts.
Dimensions: Ø4cm x 7,5 cm (Ø1,6 x3 inch)
Adaptor: 9mm male thread x 3/8'' female thread fitting
Fits: Commercial-grade portafilters with 3/8" threaded spout.** Check spout 1st - make sure it is threaded and can be removed.

How to use the portafilter pressure gauge:
  1. Unscrew your portafilter spout first.⚠️ (Check that you can unscrew 1st.)
  2. Assemble the gauge to the vertical valve that comes with this kit.
  3. Screw on this 3/8'' gauge on the porta filter nozzle.
  4. Place portafilter into the group as you would normally do.
  5.  ⚠️​​​​​​​ This is used running water through the PF only - dont use with coffee !
  6. Turn on the coffee button and watch the pressure build up on the gauge.
  7. You may have to tighten the valve or gauge.
  8. Adjust the OPV to the required pressure*
  9. Adjust a rotary vane pump*- usually a screw at the side of the pump - (clockwise to increase pump.) 

*While 9 bar is a standard acceptable pressure for brewing espresso - you may have to adjust pressure to 9.2 or 9.3 bars in order to extract at 9 bars.


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Doesn't work

After installing the gauge, no pressure is measured

Brandon | Switzerland | January 2022

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