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ASCASO i2 Mini timer
Conic grinder blades| Auto stop
Motta knock box
Overstocking - Save €10.00
Motta Easy Tamper
Great value from Motta -Choose: 58mm | 57mm | 53mm
Beechwood Coffee Tamper 57mm
Red|Black|Maple or Walnut
Descale tablets  x  10
Dissolves automatically
Espresso shot glass
From €2.65 Helps calibrates your Grind
Motta Tamper Set  58mm
Crema Pro knockbox  red
Clearance - almost sold out
Crema Pro knockbox grey
Clearance - almost sold out
Milk jug - 0.6L
1-3 Cups Ascaso PID |Gaggia|Rancilio
Milk jug pitcher 0.4L
1-2 cup |Home milk jug
Nical 125 water softener 25L 4 pack
100Liters |Keeps machine safe
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Under Grinder Knockout Drawer
Premium under grinder knock box
Cafelat  portafilter holder  stand
Tamper mat and filter holder
Cafelat Home knockbox Red
Medium size
Corner tamping mat 'Splat'
Commercial Quality - for heavy use.
Counter top knock box
Perfect for small cafe
Handlefree Latte art jug  0.6L
1-3 Cups Home | Commercial
Irish coffee  glass set
2 x 8oz Latte Glass
Tassimo Sumy Black
Tassimo Sumy Red
Walkure  NYNY Cappuccino Cup  x 2
2 x 300ml Cappuccino cup/Saucer
Walkure New York espresso set
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons

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What kind of products end up on sale?

Reduced price doesn’t mean poor quality. All of our products are 100% original and function perfectly. The equipment and accessories presented on sale go with our usual three-year warranty just like the full-price merchandise. We reduce prices for products that don’t sell well at the moment or when there is just one item of a certain kind left in stock. Another reason is a previous line clearance when we receive newer models. We can also provide seasonal or holiday discounts.

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Blue Star Coffee store is located in Ireland, but we deliver all over the world to make sure affordable equipment is available everywhere. If you love a good bargain, we recommend browsing through our Sale catalog from time to time to not miss out on any appealing discounts. Remember: smart investment brings great business success!