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Espresso coffee digital scale MZ1000
Tool for setting the grind
Coffee digital scales and timer  3kg
Weight the coffee and time the brew time
Joe Frex  Espresso Timer scales
Weigh coffee grounds /coffee shot | Time espresso extraction
Coffee grounds digital scales 600g
Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex Coffee grounds digital scales
Due end of Sept.| Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex Coffee spoon measuring scales
Tool for setting the grind
Espresso Timer
Timer for espresso shots| Filter brew time| Tea brew time
Black abs Coffee dosing scoop spoon
Tool for setting the grind
Coffee face mask
Made from recycled plastic and coffee grounds - Fits well | anti fog | Reusable
Mini Whisk WDT tool
Helps reduce coffee spray with naked portafilters
Espresso coffee digital weighing scales are an essential working tool for the discerning barista.

In order to set the grind on your espresso grinder, it is necessary to know how much coffee is being ground and for how long.

It should take approximately 7 grams, 18-23 seconds to pour 30cl (1fluid oz) depending on the coffee. Pure arabica coffees require a longer pour and usually more coffee than an espresso blend.
You should weigh 7 grams (14 grams if using a double basket) into a small container and pour into single shot 7 gram filter basket. This should take 18-23 seconds for an 30cl espresso shot.

If it pours too fast then you have to make the grind finer.
If it pours too slow you have to make the grind more coarse.

No matter what length of time it takes, to pour an espresso shot, you will always need to know how much coffee was used each time and the best way to do this is to weight it.