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Premium Scales for Coffee

Professional scales for coffee are a must-have accessory for every fan of delicious and high-quality coffee, well-experienced barista, and coffee shop owner. This device allows everyone to quickly and consistently prepare a drink, observing the regulated ratio and volumes' exact observance. The minimal error, high sensitivity, and adequate reaction speed inherent in the original coffee scales will help you achieve stability, getting the same quality espresso from cup to cup.

The Blue Star Coffee range presents various measurement products from which baristas can choose the perfect solution effortlessly! We offer coffee scales with and without a timer, large devices for measuring volumes of coffee beans & ground, and small items for workgroup stands. You will also find here many accessories and even innovative spoon-shaped measuring scales!

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Espresso coffee digital scale MZ1000
Tool for setting the grind
Coffee digital scales and timer  3kg
Weight the coffee and time the brew time
EDO  Espresso coffee timer scales
Weigh coffee grounds /coffee shot | Time espresso extraction
Coffee grounds digital scales 600g
Tool for setting the grind
Hiroia Jimmy scale
Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex Coffee grounds digital scales
Tool for setting the grind
Espresso Timer
Time espresso shots| Filter brew time| Tea brew time
Black abs Coffee dosing scoop spoon
Tool for setting the grind
Mini Whisk WDT tool
Helps reduce channeling with naked portafilters
Wooden needle distributer WDT tool
Walnut | Beech | Grained Ash wood

Top-Quality Digital Scales for Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular and delicate drinks, which has many preparation nuances, such as choosing the variety and the correct preparation of the coffee beans – roasting, grinding, and maintaining the temperature regime. Even half a gram of beans can change an espresso cup's taste, making it better or worse. Manufacturers usually indicate information about the correct weight of ground coffee on packages or in separate instructions, and specialised coffee scales help to comply with these recommendations strictly.

Digital scales for coffee are the best alternative to the classic dosing spoons and regular kitchen scales as they are far more accurate and convenient in use. Some models are also equipped with a timer and offer several additional functional benefits. Professional scales for espresso allow you to measure the exact portion of ground coffee and water, which is critical for developing coffee blends' taste and aroma.

Check out the available range of the best contemporary coffee weighing scales that Blue Star Coffee has put together for coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas. Here, you will find small-size devices suitable for use with espresso machines and models up to 3 kg, convenient for preparing large volumes of ground coffee. Competitive prices and timely delivery come with premium quality for every represented product!

Best Coffee Weighing Scales for Sale

Scales for coffee are an essential accessory in the toolbox of professional baristas and gourmets using hand-held classic coffee equipment. Typically, automatic coffee grinders and coffee machines are already equipped with built-in meters, so they do not need discrete devices purchased separately. Nevertheless, cheap coffee scales will also come in handy for automatic machinery owners when working with incredibly delicate Arabica varieties.

In turn, professional espresso scales are irreplaceable in terms of using lever coffee machines in restaurants and coffee houses, where high-quality drinks are the hallmark of the establishment. Even a few tenths of a gram of freshly ground coffee and 1 second of brewing can affect the release of the bean's potential, and therefore change the drink's taste. For this reason, coffee digital scales are more prevalent in modern kitchens than mechanical ones as they offer an accuracy of up to 0.1-gram thanks to innovative strain gauges built into the device.

Blue Star Coffee recognises the importance of adherence to recipes, which is why we offer the best espresso coffee scales of the highest quality. The device will help you get the most out of the available coffee materials and make the work of your specialists easier!

Range of Affordable Scales for Coffee

It is noteworthy that the resulting drink's weight is also essential in determining the coffee's taste. Most modern coffee equipment with built-in sensors offers measurements in millimetres, which is not very convenient for calculating Italian espresso volume. How to correctly calculate the volume of coffee serving if 1/3 cup is crema? The answer is simple – use the scales for coffee! The digital coffee scales often perform several other useful functions, helping to save on the purchase of assistive devices and accessories:

  • Accounting for the container's availability. This function allows you to zero the value of coffee scales, even if something is on them. It is useful for precise proportioning and is especially relevant for teaching and preparing coffee cocktails.

  • Built-in timer. This feature is not critical but helpful to minimise the number of barista accessories used. You can also purchase a timer separately for timing the espresso channelling.

  • Reaction speed. Professional coffee equipment requires accuracy and precise performance, and therefore experts usually measure the beverage's weight at all stages of preparation. Modern coffee digital scales have a fantastic response to mass changes so that baristas can stop water flow in time.

Espresso coffee scales do not need to have the traditional shape – a rectangle with a measuring space. Some manufacturers offer other more convenient and innovative solutions. For example, Joe Frex produces scales for coffee in the form of measuring spoons with buttons and an info bar on the handle.

Regular Kitchen Scales vs Scales for Coffee

Of course, good kitchen counterparts have the same function set as specialised scales for coffee, so many baristas buy them out of ignorance or just want to save money. However, experts do not recommend replacing professional espresso scales with the usual ones for the kitchen, and here is why:

  • We can compare the accuracy of the scales for coffee with the meters used in the jewellery business. Even the highest quality regular counterparts cannot offer a margin of error of less than 1 gram, which is the most critical component of espresso flavour!

  • Coffee scales are usually small as baristas often place them under the cup, on the drip tray directly. Rare kitchen scales boast the ability to be set under low groups and have fast reaction speed.

  • The scales for coffee assume special protection in the form of rubber pads or pads under the working area, protecting digital sensors from hot water and espresso. Most espresso models have this by default, while only the expensive kitchen ones can boast it.

Thus, purchasing professional coffee weighing scales is a more profitable and reasonable decision. It will help you to save money by getting a product with a long lifespan under frequent-use conditions.

Choose Espresso Coffee Scales from Blue Star Coffee

Today, scales for coffee are a multi-functional accessory that allows baristas to determine the drink's weight at all preparation stages accurately. The top-quality product is suitable for use with both grinders and professional coffee machines, allowing you to adjust the espresso volume during channelling. Anyway, premium coffee scales with timer will be an excellent gift for your employees, improving their work quality and speed. The Blue Star Coffee team knows everything about the perfect espresso. Our catalogue is a unique space where you can quickly find all the necessary tools, accessories, and consumables for brewing excellent coffee!

Coffee Weighting Done Right

Espresso coffee digital weighing scales are an essential working tool for the discerning barista.

In order to set the grind on your espresso grinder, it is necessary to know how much coffee is being ground and for how long. It should take approximately 7 grams, 18-23 seconds to pour 30cl (1fluid oz) depending on the coffee. Pure arabica coffees require a longer pour and usually more coffee than an espresso blend.

You should weigh 7 grams (14 grams if using a double basket) into a small container and pour it into a single shot 7-gram filter basket. This should take 18-23 seconds for a 30cl espresso shot.

  • If it pours too fast, then you have to make the grind finer.

  • If it pours too slow, you have to make the grind more coarse.

No matter what length of time it takes to pour an espresso shot, you will always need to know how much coffee was used each time, and the best way to do this is to weight it.