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Coffee Machine Shower Screens

True coffee lovers, gourmets & experts believe that the taste of coffee depends on many factors, and a better control here helps to achieve fresh and super tasty coffee drinks. Correct use of the coffee machine shower screen is another step towards the perfect Italian espresso, ensuring that water flows evenly onto the pressed coffee puck with a more controlled extraction. Take complete control over beverage processes by providing your coffee equipment with original accessories from the world's leading manufacturers! 


Blue Star Coffee offers a comprehensive range of premium coffee shower screens, shower holders' screws & kits. In our catalogue, baristas can effortlessly find the most suitable products and tools for parts replacement and general coffee machinery maintenance, and we can deliver them right to your door in no time!

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E&B Nanotech shower screen E61200RNT
E61 groups and commercial machines | 200 µm |127 holes
E&B Nanotech shower screen MA200RNT
Carimali |​​​​​​​Marzocco |​​​​​​​Synesso ​​​​​​​|Slayer
E&B Nanotech shower screen SR200RNT
Rancilio | Promac| Nuova Simonelli| Victoria Arduino.
IMS E61200IM shower screen
E61 groups and commercial machines | 200 µm | 98 holes
IMS E6135WM shower screen
E61 groups and commercial machines | 35 µm |120 holes
IMS MA200IM shower screen  Marzocco
Carimali | La Marzocco | Slayer | Synesso|Ascaso Big Dream
IMS Nanotech shower screen  Marzocco MA200NT
Carimali | La Marzocco | Slayer | Synesso
IMS Nanotech shower screen  Rancilio RA200NT
Rancilio |Promac | Magister|Pavoni |Bezzera
IMS Pavoni shower screen  Old group
52mm PA200IM52 | Pavoni lever made before 2000 | Electra | Olympia
IMS Pavoni shower screen New group
54mm PA200IM54 | LaPavoni made after 2000 | Gaggia G105 G106| Olmpya
IMS shower screen  Rancilio RA200IM
Fits: Rancilio Silvia  |Promac | Magister|Pavoni |Bezzera
Bezzera shower screen 58mm
Most Bezzera models
Caramali shower screen 58mm
Most Bezzera models
LaPavoni shower screen 58mm
Nouva Simonelli  shower screen and screw
Rancilio shower screen 58mm
Most Rancilio Inc.Silvia
IMS Nanotech shower screen E61200NT
E61 groups | Commercial machines | 200 µm | 98 holes
ascaso Brass Shower holder Kit
S Steel shower holder
ascaso shower holder 2015
Brass shower holder Models made after 04/2015
IMS BV200IM shower screen
Sage/ Breville: ​​​​​​Duo temp pro |Barista Express |Barista Pro
IMS Cl 35 WM shower screen
Lelit | Astoria|Carimali|Elektra|La Cimbali​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and more
IMS CL200IM shower screen
Fits: Astoria|Carimali|Elektra|La Cimbali​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ | Breville | Gaggia pro
IMS GA200IM shower screen Gaggia
Fits: Saeco and Gaggia models inc classic
IMS Nanotech shower screen  Simonelli SI200NT
Brugnetti | Aurora | N Simonelli |V Arduino
IMS Nanotech shower screen CL200NT
Astoria| Carimali| Elektra| La Cimbali​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ | Breville
IMS Nanotech shower screen Gaggia GA200NT
**Due back August** Saeco | Gaggia
IMS shower screen  Simonelli S1200IM
IMS shower screen SanMarco Leva SML200IM
Fits: |La San Marco leva|MyWay Alex Leva
IMS shower screen SanMarco SM200IM
Fits: Astoria plus4you|La San Marco|Wega concept
IMS Spaziale shower screen  set SPD200IM
2 shower screens | Dalla Corte |La Spaziale
Ascaso shower screen screw M4x16
Screw for ground coffee version
Gaggia classic  shower holder OEM
58.3 x13.5mm | Fits: Gaggia home machines inc. classic
Gaggia IMS shower holder
 57.4 x14.6mm | Fits: Gaggia home machines inc. classic
Gaggia IMS shower kit
Pimp your classic for more crema
Gaggia IMS Steel shower kit nanotech
Pimp your classic for more crema
Gaggia shower holder brass
Fits Classic **Wont fit IMS shower screens**
Gaggia shower holder steel
Better thermal than brass | Gaggia commercial models
Gaggia Shower screen 55mm
Fits commercial Gaggia machines
Shower screen screw flat M6x16
Nouva Simonelli | La pavoni | Victor Arduino
Shower screen screw hexagnal M5x12
Rancilio | Gaggia shower screens
Shower screen screw philips M5x12
Rancilio | Gaggia shower screens
Shower screen screw philips M5x16
Long shower screen group screw| Fracino | Faema|Elektra|Bezzera||Rancilio
Shower screen screwdriver duel head
Magnetic duel head: Flat - and + Phillips
Shower screen screwdriver duel head black
💰 Save 30% | Magnetic duel head | Flat - and + Phillips | Slot for leverage
Shower screen tool flat screw
Flat head screw | 58mm showers
Shower screen tool hexagon M9
M9 hexagonal screw | Dalla Corte | La San Marco | La Spaziale
La Pavoni lever shower screen 52mm Old group
Fits models made before 2000
La Pavoni shower screen 54mm New group
Pavoni models made after 2000|Gaggia G105, G106​​​​​​​
ascaso shower screen  push on
ascaso PID |ascaso Bar | Barista | Barista T
Ascaso shower screen 52mm
Ascaso ground versions Dream | Arc | Basic | Steel
Ascaso Steel pro shower screen 54.5mm
Ascaso steel pro version
E61 Shower screen
Fits most E61 models | Lelit Mara |Bianca
Gaggia baby 51.5mm shower screen
Gaggia Baby | Isomac Maverick and Venus
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Lelit Shower screen  MC137
Anita | Anna | Diana | Glenda | Pavoni Puccino
Lower shower puck screen
Helps reduce channelling. | 49.5mm | 51.5mm 58.5mm portafilters
Motta espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
San Marco Shower screen  48mm
San Marco | Wega concept| Astoria plus
Shower screen flat ø 40mm
Brasilia |Nuova Simonelli |Faema |​​​​​​​La Cimbali
Shower screen flat ø 45mm
Double pod shower screen

Top-Quality Coffee Machine Shower Screens for Sale

A high-quality coffee machine shower screen is the key to a pure and deep coffee taste without any external impurities. Original accessories, made of high-quality materials, promote an even flow of water and make it easier to clean the portafilters after coffee extraction. The group head shower screen also protects the water pipes from the coffee used and dramatically simplifies routine maintenance of the coffee machine. Therefore, by purchasing professional accessories and parts in advance, you take care of your coffee machine and prolong its lifespan.

The choice and installation of a coffee shower screen directly depend on the structural features of the coffee machine and the quality of the coffee products used. For example, it is vital to consider the size of the ground coffee particles and coffee tablets, the purity of the water, and the rate of flow. A properly selected espresso machine shower screen can slow down the drainage of water into the portafilter. It provides better distribution of the liquid for an all-encompassing penetration in the tamped coffee. Choose a product based on the functional nuances of your equipment, or seek advice from Blue Star Coffee experts who will help you find the perfect option quickly and easily!


Reasons to Focus on Shower Screen Quality

A clean coffee machine shower screen that ideally does its job is the last point on the way to the perfect espresso, just as important as professional barista equipment. When water spills, the volume of coffee inside the portafilter will slightly increase, leading to leaks and the ingress of espresso into the water supply mechanism. The espresso shower screen is a protective buffer that minimises the risk of used coffee coming into contact with the piping and keeps the coffee equipment clean.

It is essential to focus on the quality of the material from which the coffee machine shower screen is made. Firstly, it affects the service life of the accessory since it is much more practical to buy a high-quality Nanotech shower screen initially than to change a poor-quality product every few months. Secondly, premium accessories provide a more consistent and stable flow with less coffee waste after extraction. After installing the original parts, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of cleaning the portafilter and the improved sealing of the coffee puck, which directly affects the taste of the brewed espresso!

Searching for Perfect Coffee Machine Shower Screen 

With Blue Star Coffee, you can be sure to find high-quality products and accessories that perfectly suit your espresso machine and meet your budget. Each presented coffee machine shower screen is certified and meets all the functional characteristics indicated on the product page. You only need to decide on the type of accessory and the correct size, which can be found empirically or found in the technical instructions of the coffee equipment manufacturer. We offer both versatile espresso machine shower screens suitable for most famous brands and specialised options such as E61 shower screen, Ascaso & Gaggia shower screws, La Pavoni shower gaskets, and more.


 Espresso Machine Shower Screen Cleaning & Maintenance

The taste of a brewed espresso directly depends on the coffee shower screen throughput. That is why baristas need to keep the dispersion grids clean, ensuring that water and steam can pass freely through the coffee product. However, frequent use of your coffee machine and heavy loads cause the holes in the E61 shower screen to become clogged with coffee particles over time, contaminated with coffee oil residues or limescale.

All of this can lead to various negative consequences, from the drinks taste deterioration to the impossibility of spilling them into a cup. Nevertheless, the maintenance and cleaning of the coffee machine shower screen do not require much time and effort. Baristas can efficiently perform cleaning with a specialised brush or coffee machine cleaning products. Liquid decalcifiers do an excellent job cleaning the espresso machine shower screen, even if it has many micro-perforation holes.


Nanotech Shower Screen Replacement

When to replace your Nanotech shower screen? Well, 12 months is the most common shelf life for a group head shower screen on a professional coffee machine in a coffee shop or popular bar. However, proper care and regular deep cleaning can significantly prolong its lifespan. Premium metal coffee shower screens have a perfectly sanded, burr-free surface. These accessories stay clean longer, reducing the risk of sudden breakdowns. Some baristas prefer to use the espresso machine shower screen as an additional filter, mounted directly into the holder. In this case, the accessory comes into contact with coffee products more often and becomes dirty faster. Nevertheless, it can prevent breakdowns of more expensive E61 group mechanisms.

The lack of visible cleaning results is also a fundamental reason for purchasing a new coffee machine shower screen. Suppose routine maintenance and deep cleaning have not eliminated the problem of poor coffee extraction. In that case, it is better to replace the accessory, even if the declared service life has not yet expired. Furthermore, it may indicate the poor quality of the spare parts since the use of the original Nanotech shower screen makes the need for reinstallation far more manageable.


Choose Premium Espresso Machine Shower Screen

The collection of espresso machine shower screens from Blue Star Coffee boasts a wide range of premium products made from high-quality metals and alloys, among which everyone can quickly choose the perfect option for a home or professional coffee machine. Micro perforation screens for E61 group head, lower shower puck screens for holders, double screen flats – we cover all the needs of the coffee business, ensuring the constant availability of various coffee accessories and tools for every taste! 

We also offer convenient payment and delivery options, competitive pricing, and client-oriented service. Brewing espresso is a creative process. And you can make this process even more accessible and precise with the best coffee machine shower screens collected in Blue Star coffee's online catalogue!