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Coffee face mask
Made from recycled plastic and coffee grounds - Fits well | anti fog | Reusable
Joe Frex Coffee spoon measuring scales
Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex latte art gift set
3 x Latte art tools
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Crema friendly espresso spoons
Coffee bag  clip and measure spoon
1 cup measure | Keeps coffee fresh
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip  and spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Motta coffee tasting spoon
Perfect for coffee cupping
Motta espresso coffee spoon x 6
Perfect for espresso cups
Black abs Coffee dosing scoop spoon
Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex espresso cup x 6
6 x Espresso cup/6 x Saucer
Steel straw set
4 stainless steel straws and cleaning brush