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Premium-Quality Spoons for Coffee

Professional spoons for coffee are the essential barista tools that affect the entire coffee brewing and preparation process. Thus, the attentive choice of these accessories helps to ensure proper coffee products dosing and a nice coffee serving. Check out the wide range of original coffee spoons UK collected in the extensive catalogue of Blue Star Coffee! Our exceptional products will surely meet the needs of experienced baristas and coffee connoisseurs. We offer exclusive designer models for competent coffee serving, high-quality coffee measuring spoons for precise dosage, cap-tasting products, and even latte art kits. Attention to detail is the key to perfect coffee, which is incredibly convenient and pleasant to serve with the premium espresso coffee spoons.

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Caravaggio Espresso spoons x 1
Won't break the cream when you stir
Joe Frex latte art gift set
3 x Latte art tools
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Crema friendly espresso spoons
Coffee bag  clip and measure spoon
1 cup measure | Keeps coffee fresh
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip  and spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Motta coffee tasting spoon
Perfect for coffee cupping
Motta espresso coffee spoon x 6
Perfect for espresso cups
Black abs Coffee dosing scoop spoon
Tool for setting the grind
Joe Frex Cappuccino cup  x 6
6 x Cappuccino cup/Saucer 7oz
Joe Frex espresso cup x 6
6 x Espresso cup/6 x Saucer
Steel straw set
4 stainless steel straws and cleaning brush

Top Measuring Spoons for Coffee

Coffee measuring spoons are irreplaceable accessories that simplify interaction with coffee products and are responsible for the exact dosage and taste of future drinks. That is why baristas should select suitable espresso spoons thoughtfully, preferring original products with first-class quality and incredible performance. As independent suppliers of the best coffee equipment and accessories, we exclusively offer original bestsellers from the world's top manufacturers. The coffee spoons collection is not an exception. Each presented product or set of accessories boasts fantastic quality and reliability, guaranteed by Italian coffee representatives Motta and Joe Frex. So please focus on the type and design of spoons for coffee, and Blue Star Coffee will take care of their fast delivery right to your door!


Choosing a Coffee Tasting Spoon

It is unacceptable not to pay attention to spoons for coffee measuring & tasting, studying the subtleties and nuances of making authentic espresso and coffee-based drinks. Unfortunately, like a wide range of cups with unique functional features depending on shape and size, various professional coffee spoons overwhelm beginners, making it difficult to choose the right product. However, knowing the distinguishing features of espresso spoons is a sign of good barista manners and an opportunity to reap many benefits for simplifying work processes. 

Each set of spoons for coffee from the leading coffee tools manufacturers is a masterpiece that creates a particular coffee mood and an elite coffee shop atmosphere. Graceful lines, designer engraving, and incredible convenience distinguish the original espresso spoons from many low-quality counterparts. Moreover, these accessories perform many valuable functions, without which the creation and serving of delicious coffee are impossible:


  • The best measuring spoons for coffee professionals are made from high-quality metal alloys, food-safe plastic, or wood. These accessories allow you to set the ideal coffee dosage for freshly ground coffee products and coffee beans.

  • Metallic spoons for coffee serving are usually supplied with a gift box and have a unique design that perfectly complements serving coffee cups.

  • The coffee tasting spoon is the ultimate coffee tool. The accessory is indispensable for professional tasting and has unique characteristics for disclosing the taste of drinks and ease of use.

  • The coffee spoons from the latte art sets are another popular professional barista tools that help to improve and develop latte making techniques.

Details make perfection, especially when it comes to creating coffee drinks at all stages. Only correct coffee preparation is not enough to please your customers. Therefore, you need to pay attention to proper coffee serving that preserves the coffee aroma. Keep these factors in mind when exploring the range of coffee spoons UK to make the right choice and find the best product.


Coffee Spoons for Professional Use

Cup testing is a unique event where the best coffee experts improve their skills and open new horizons of endless coffee flavour notes. Professional ability to distinguish the taste shades helps baristas cope with this challenging task, using a coffee tasting spoon. Coffee cupping spoons are more prominent and profound than standard accessories. They better keep the temperature of the drink and don't allow the taste to be distorted. The requirements for the quality of tasting product materials are much extended; therefore, their cost is relatively higher. However, the coffee tasting spoon is a must-have for professional tasters and coffee fans.


Barista Sets of Spoons for Coffee Art 

Steel barista tools for latte art are necessary to provide a coffee pattern with an exclusive shape. Specialised spoons for coffee drawings have a particular form and are also characterised by an improved ergonomic design that allows you to work comfortably, even with the smallest details. If you are learning advanced latte art techniques or your establishment is known for unique drinks with unusual designs, the tools & spoons for coffee drawings will be an excellent gift for your baristas!


Espresso Spoon Gifts for Proper Coffee Serving

Using suitable coffee spoons for serving different drinks means taking care of your customers' convenience. The length of the spoon handle should ideally fit the size of the cup. It has to allow the liquid to be stirred inside without any trouble or risk of scalding the client's fingers. When choosing coffee spoons for a professional presentation, pay attention to several vital nuances:


  • Espresso shots are usually standard, so espresso coffee spoons for sale are the easiest to find. They represent a ready-made set of several accessories packed in a beautiful gift box.

  • Accuracy and consistency are the hallmarks of professionalism. Try to keep all spoons for coffee the same, or choose coffee spoons with similar design if they differ in sizes. In this case, gift sets from the same collection come as a great choice.

  • When choosing coffee spoons for cappuccino or latte glasses, pay attention to the size of the accessories. The most common types of spoons for coffee are suitable for 2oz and 3oz cups, which is handy for comparing and searching for custom products.


Buy Original Spoons for Coffee Online

High-quality spoons for coffee preparation and serving are great authentic accessories for home and office and indispensable helpers for commercial use. Original coffee spoons boast outstanding durability and are easy to use. Moreover, the polished surface of the metal coating allows you to keep the drinks' warmth and the original taste without impurities, which is especially important for gourmets and tasters. Showcase your perfect knowledge of coffee manners and preserve the flavour profile of freshly brewed espresso by expanding your professional toolbox with the best coffee spoons from Blue Star Coffee!