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Coffee Machine Steam Wands

It is impossible to imagine the perfect cappuccino or latte without aromatic and dense coffee foam on top. There are several ways to get milk crema, and using coffee machine steam wands is a fast and most affordable solution. Provide your coffee shop customers with the perfect drinks' flavours from cup to cup, using top quality coffee-making equipment exclusively! The assortment of Blue Star Coffee is wide and varied, offering many versatile and original tools for home and professional coffee makers.

Browse our collection of premium espresso machine steam wands, nozzles, and accessories to quickly find the right solution for your coffee machine. First-class quality from leading manufacturers, competitive prices, and convenient delivery methods make Blue Star Coffee a reliable supplier and a trusted partner always ready to help your coffee business grow and prosper!

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La Pavoni steam  nozzle 1 hole
More steam with 1 hole
1 hole steam nozzle M8
Wega | Astoria| Gagga
Ascaso Steam wand tip M8
Ascaso steel professional
Wega steam nozzle M8
Wega | Astoria
1 hole steam nozzle M10
San Marco
4 hole steam nozzle M10
Carmali| Cime | Conti | Dalle Corte | ECM |Rocket |Faema | Rancilio| La Scala | La Spaziale | San Remo |Vibiemme: 
Ascaso barista steam nozzle M8
4 x 1.25mm holes
Bezzera steam nozzle M10
Faema | Bezzera
Fracino steam jet nozzle M10  new
New versions - Male
Fracino steam jet nozzle M10 old
Older versions - Female
Steam nozzle  4 hole M10
Exobar | Fiorenzato | Grimac|La Scala
JoeFrex Barista Cloths x 4
Steam cloth x 2 | Large barista with clip x 1 | General cloth x 1
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
JoeFrex Steam Cloth Black
No more burned hands
JoeFrex Steam Cloth blue
💰 Save 3€ | No more burned hands
Motta espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Steam wand brush set
Clean steam wand holes| Auto frother cleaner
Ascaso 1-Hole Steam Tip 2009+
For models, made after +11/2008,  
Ascaso 3-Hole Steam Tip
Models made after +11/2008
Ascaso Frother Steam aid
For easy to make milk froth
Fracino water steam knob kit
Choose water or steam knob
Ascaso barista  water steam knob
Knob + washer + silicon greece
Nuova Simonelli Steam tap gasket
VICTORIA ARDUINO\ Nouva Simonelli - Most models
Rancilio Silvia steam wand V1 V2
Rancilio | Gaggia Classic adjustable swivel steam wand
Rancilio Silvia steam wand v3
Rancilio Silvia new wand
Rancilio Silvia steaming wand V3
Rancilio Silvia generic steam wand
Rancilio steam wand  whole v3
Rancilio Silvia new wand
Rancilio/Gaggia steam wand
Rancilio or Gaggia
Ascaso steam  lid
Steam or water lid for barista or barista pro
Bezzera steam tap
BZ35 | BZ40
Bezzera steaming wand
BZ07, BZ09, BZ10, BZ13, BZ16,BZ40, Giulia, Magica, Micica, Strega, Unica
Black E61 steam tap
Faema E61 | Expobar | Vibiemme, Sab/Sv Italia, Rocket, Fiorenzato, Bianchi, GA Gruppo Argentini
Brasilia Roma water/ steam knob
Brasilia | Expobar | Fiamma | Vibiemme
E61 walnut Lever round Handle​​​​​​​ M10
Faema | Pavoni | San Marco
Puly Caff Milk Cleaner 14 x 25 ml
14 x 25ml + Free basin
Puly Caff Milk Cleaner 4 x 25 ml
4 x 25ml
Walnut water steam knob
Ascaso | Brasilia | Expobar | Fiamma | Vibiemme

Premium Coffee Machine Steam Wands for Sale

Delicate and elastic foam gets the unique charm for cappuccino and other coffee drinks like the latte and flat white. It also makes the coffee taste softer and more pleasant, so coffee cocktails are not inferior in popularity to classic espresso. Experienced baristas have many secret techniques for creating the perfect cappuccino, offering original ideas and unique recommendations. However, all coffee experts agree that dense and stable milk foam is impossible without coffee machine steam wands and professional accessories.

Whether you are looking for espresso machine steam wands for replacement or need a suitable alternative to get better results in coffee preparation, you can indeed find the best products here in the online catalogue of Blue Star Coffee. We offer a vast selection of premium steam accessories and tools from the world's best coffee equipment manufacturers. We cover all the needs of the coffee business, offering high-end steam wands & spares for home and professional coffee machines of popular brands. We are also ready to provide customers with comprehensive support for selecting the most suitable counterparts and additional tools for cleaning and maintenance – the key to keeping the top performance of your machinery.

Espresso Machine Steam Wands: Steam Supply Mechanism

Of course, creating foam is possible with a whisk or a French press, but this takes much time and is entirely inconvenient for coffee shops and establishments with high traffic. Professional coffee equipment with a built-in steam function via steam wands is a more common option that dramatically speeds up cappuccino preparation and simplifies the barista's work. The external mechanism for frothing milk looks like a metal tube with or without a protective rubber band and a removable steam nozzle. It is also equipped with a knob to adjust the steam delivery. The tube base, springs, seals, and water taps are hidden inside the coffee machine and require some experience and skill to carry out repairs and replacements.

Coffee machine steam wands are high-quality stainless steel tubes through which steam leaves the boiler and enters the milk jug under pressure through holes in the nozzle. The correct functioning of these components ensures the formation of stable milk froth with an ideal consistency and temperature. The original steam wand for frothing milk allows baristas to prepare perfect crema in a short time. It's easy to use and clean, providing consistent access to premium coffee cocktails for years.

Common Breakdowns & Steam Wand Replacement

The correct operation of the coffee machine chiefly depends on the health of the steam wands and nozzles. The failure of these components can seriously complicate the operation of the coffee shop. Therefore, it is essential to provide timely professional maintenance and ensure that the mechanism is regularly cleaned. Leaks and the inability to whip milk are the main signs of the need for a steam wand replacement. Coffee equipment may also make unusual sounds and noises, spit out hot water instead of steam, or not release steam at all. All of this indicates the persistence of significant problems that may arise due to:

  • Clogged with milk foam – in this case, try cleaning the coffee machine steam wand with specialised brushes and liquid or powder cleaner.

  • Wear and tear of the steam mechanism components or mechanical damage – for example, the pipe burst during transportation or the handle for the coffee steam wand broke through negligence.

  • Damaged gaskets – fixing this breakdown is the simplest and cheapest since the barista only needs to change the worn-out gasket.

You can perform all these repairs yourself; just explore the manufacturer manuals for your coffee machine with steam wand. Or you can always contact competent experts for help. In any case, we advise baristas to monitor even the minor deviations in the performance of the equipment and take care of the replacement parts availability in advance. 

Coffee Machine Steam Wand Cleaning

Professional coffee equipment is subjected to colossal loads every day, passing through many substances that contribute to contamination and wear mechanisms. In most cases, you can prevent many breakdowns and significantly extend the lifespan of your machinery by providing deep cleaning and regular maintenance. Necessary measures for cleaning steam wand on espresso machine include the following points:

  • Use professional cloths to clean the coffee machine steam wands outside every time after frothing.

  • Release steam regularly to clean the coffee machine steam wand from the inside.

  • Provide deep cleaning with specialised accessories and coffee machine cleaning products.

Remember that steam is supplied through calibrated holes in the steam nozzle, damaged by careless maintenance. Try to use fine professional brushes for cleaning coffee machine steam wands inside. The accessories gently remove plaque and dirt without damaging the holes, which ensures that the perfect consistency of the milk foam remains in the future. Do not use needles, toothpicks, or knitting needles to clean the coffee machine steam wand for milk – this can expand the pores of the nozzle, making one unusable.

Choose Espresso Machine Steam Wand for Milk Frothing

Do not get upset if the breakdown of the steam mechanism has already occurred. The wide assortment and professional service of Blue Star Coffee will help you quickly cope with this difficulty and eliminate the malfunction in the shortest possible time! Determine the exact model of your coffee machine and the type of equipment to find the perfectly compatible part. You can also always contact Blue Star Coffee's experts for advice, and we will help you quickly find the necessary steam wand for frothing milk, nozzle, knob, or any other accessory needed to repair coffee equipment!

Blue Star Coffee specialists have expanded the catalogue of original coffee machine steam wands with many additional tools for servicing steam mechanisms. Brushes and cloths for professional cleaning will help gently remove dirt on the surfaces, minimising the risk of mechanical damage. Also, look at the maintenance kits and the barista toolkit. It takes up little space and is vital for intervention and quick repairs, so you can continue making cappuccino or latte in no time!