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Stella Azzura

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Coco and cinnamon shaker  3 hole sizes
3 size holes- Compact coco shaker
Thermal Paste syringe
Ensures thermostat works at it optimum
Gasket and o ring  tool
Choice of 4 awls available
Espresso Timer
Timer for espresso shots| Filter brew time| Tea brew time
Teflon sealing tape
Prevents leaking
Mini Espresso Knock out drawer 20cm
20 cm wide - prefect for wider grinders and some home machines.
Mini Espresso Knock out drawer 20cm  shop soiled
Shop soiled - very small dent on top at the back| Save €22.00
Knockout  box Drawer Silent delux
Probably the best built commercial knock box available. 
Under Grinder Knockout Drawer
Premium under grinder knock box
Under Grinder Knockout Drawer black
Premium Cafe under grinder knock box
Stackable tea pot  red
Loose tea the easy way
Stackable tea pot  white
Loose tea the easy way
Professional counter coffee chute
Counter sunk coffee waste knock box
Coffee digital scales and timer  3kg
Weight the coffee and time the brew time
Coffee spoon weighting scales
Tool for setting the grind
Easy clean  coffee grinder brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean
Group head cleaning nylon brush
From €1.65 - Ideal for Home|Commercial machines
Manual milk frother 800ml
Easy to use milk frother
Single pod portafilter basket 58mm
When you want to use decaf pods | ø 70x16 mm
Steam wand  pin hole pop
Clean steam wand nozzle
Tamper mat and tamper stand
Suits naked portafilters
V60  Bamboo Coffee paper holder
V60 paper holder 01 02 03
Walnut coffee grinds brush
Walnut handle brush and leather tong
Walnut group head brush
Walnut handle brush and leather tong

Stella Azzurra coffee accessories