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Stella Azzura

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Coco and cinnamon shaker  3 hole sizes
Holes: Small Med Large Cinnamon | Chocolate |Cocoa
242 Thread lock
A must have thread sealer: Solenoid| Boiler fittings | Pump fittings | Brass | Steel | Plastic
Thermal Paste syringe
Ensures thermostat works at optimum
Gasket and o ring  pick and hook set
Ideal tool for: Group gaskets| Piston| O rings
Wooden gasket and o ring  awl
Useful coffee tool | Group gaskets | O ring | Pod groups
Espresso Timer
Time espresso shots| Filter brew time| Tea brew time
Coffee dosing funnel 51mm
La Pavoni Lever after 2000 |GAGGIA G105 and G106| Olympia |Delonghi |Bodum Granos *Magnetic*
Coffee dosing funnel 53mm
Breville /Sage| Lelit | Ascaso | Izzo |San Marco 53mm | 57mm baskets *Magnetic*
Coffee dosing funnel 58mm
** Save 20%* Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​Nuova Simonelli |​​​​​​​Quick mill and more *Magnetic*
Portafilter wall rack 58mm
**From €18.49 ** Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​Nuova Simonelli |​​​​​​​Quick mill and more
Teflon sealing tape
Prevents leaking
3 way hexagonal wrench
4mm 5mm 6mm
Digital temperature probe
No more burnt coffee | Informs when group is ready to use.
Easy clean  coffee grinder brush
2 brush's in 1 | Sweep grinds from knock drawer and grinder
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean | Quicker than a cloth
Group head cleaning nylon brush
From €1.65 - Ideal for Home|Commercial machines
Milk hose  brush 6mm  x 190mm
Cleans steel straw | silicon hose | Steam wand
Mini Whisk WDT tool
Helps reduce channeling with naked portafilters
Multi tool Keychain
6 in 1 pocket screwdriver and cutter
Portafilter Keychain
Portafilter Key ring - A must have for coffee lovers
Shower screen screwdriver duel head
Flat - and + Phillips heads
Steam wand brush set
Clean steam wand holes| Auto frother cleaner
Steel straw set
4 stainless steel straws and cleaning brush
Tamper mat and tamper stand
Space saving tamper station
Technician gloves L
Inexpensive solution to avoiding finger cuts and abrasions
Walnut coffee grinds brush
Walnut grinder grounds brush with leather tong
Walnut group head brush
Walnut coffee group brush with leather tong
Wooden needle distributer WDT tool
Walnut wood | Beech wood | Ash wood

Stella Azzurra coffee accessories