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Tamper Mats

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Motta tamping station
Portafilter stand and mat
Tamping stand
Portafilter rest for level tamping
Joe Frex corner tamping station
Bottomless portafilter tamper station
Joe Frex level tamping stand
Level tamping station
Joe Frex Tamping mat Silicone Black
Counter protector and tamper rest
Tamping mat Silicone
Ideal home tamper mat
Tamping mat and tamper stand
Bottomless portafilter tamper station
Joe Frex corner Tamping mat
Suits naked portafilters
Motta Walnut Tamper seat 60mm
Suits 53 -.58.5mm walnut tampers
Walnut Tamper seat 55mm
Walnut tamper seat for 55mm or less
Joefrex tamper base - BLACK
Espresso tamper tamper seat
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Coffee grinds brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Easy clean  coffee grinder brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean

Espresso coffee tamper mats
A tamper mat is a must for any espresso coffee environment and are used to balance the portafilter while tamping the ground espresso coffee and an ideal place to house the espresso coffee tamper.

Silicon rubber tamper mats will protect both the counter top and the espresso portafilter spout.
A corner coffee taper mat is fixed in place up against the corner of the table and wont move when tamping.
Professional tamper mats for the cafe or restaurant are thicker and will put up with more wear and tear.
Flat and corner tamer mats have a space to hold the tamper in place and hold the portafilter in place.