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Tassimo Sumy Black



Tassimo Coffee Pods: Delicious Taste and Rich Aroma

From now on, you are not supposed to have consummate barista skills to make a cup of cappuccino or latte. We introduce a wide assortment of Tassimo T-Discs which allow to brew coffee at the push of a button. These pods have already become one of the most effective and time-saving brewing methods for restaurant, office, and home use. Placing a disc in a machine is all it takes to end up with a cup of an excellent hot drink.

At our store, you will find Tassimo coffee pods available in a myriad of flavor options for a desired beverage and volume. In fact, they are single-service containers which contain pre-ground beans and can be brewed within a minute. If you are a coffee lover who wants to forget about grinding, dosing, and tamping, it’s time to buy Tassimo pods at a bargain price.

Discover Your Inner Barista

All the discs available in our catalog allow you to brew a cup of coffee with consistent taste. Once you find out what your favorite flavor is, choose a corresponding product and deliver the same quality every time you want to enjoy the drink. It is consistency and ease of use that make Tassimo coffee discs ideal for commercial as well as personal purposes.

Such a brewing method greatly simplifies the whole process of making coffee. Unless you feel passionate about spending too much time on adjusting machine settings, grinding beans, and frothing milk, a Tassimo pod is the very thing. Besides, these products enable you to minimize the risk of spillage when changing them.

Owing to air-tight packaging, Tassimo T-Discs are capable of maintaining the freshness of coffee longer. It is an advantage allowing to keep the pods at a restaurant, office, or home and preserve their superior quality. Thus, you can provide your customers and guests with a delicious drink every time they stop by your facility.

Blue Star Coffee wants you to pick a T-Disc and enjoy coffee that is roasted to perfection!