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How Do T Discs Actually Work?

Each patented T DISC is a brewing chamber, enabling a customised preparation process across a potentially endless variety of coffee and beverage types. Several different types of T DISCs have been developed to deliver the perfect coffee, espresso & café crema, frothed milk, hot chocolate and tea. The Bar Code Recognition system in the brewer recognises each T DISC and adjusts the brewing conditions automatically:

The Bar Code Recognition system in the brewer recognises each T DISC and adjusts the brewing conditions automatically:

  • Water temperature
  • T DISC type
  • Brew cycle (pre-wetting, brewing)
  • Water quantity
  • Liquid velocity
  • Air or Steam Purge

Can I use other coffee pods / capsules in the TASSIMO machine?

No. the tassimo brewer is specifically designed to accept patented Tassimo Discs. With their unique shape they fit the brewer and are designed to guide the flow of water through the disc for the preparation of the drink. Each beverage is prepared according to the bar code on the T DISC label which tells the brewer the size of the beverage, the brewing time and the optimum temperature required to prepare the perfect cup. Because the brewing happens inside the T DISC, only a small part of the brewer is in contact with the beverage. Liquid flows from the T DISC to the cup, allowing consumers to produce different beverages, one after the other, without impacting on the beverage taste quality.

How do I store my T DISCs?

For best results store T DISCs in a cool, dry, place away from direct heat and sunlight as indicated on the package. There is no need to keep them in the fridge.

What is the shelf life of the T Discs?

Please refer to the information on the external T DISC packaging for a best before date. T DISCs are best enjoyed within 6 weeks of opening.

Can I adjust the intensity and aroma of my drink?

Use the Tassimo Machines in manual mode lets you adjust the strength of your drink for a milder tasting drink. Simply press and hold the button when the manual indicator light is green to extend the brewing process. Then stop when the drink reaches the desired amount and intensity.

For a stronger tasting drink, stop the brewing process early by pressing the button while the drink is being made. This will result in a less full but stronger tasting drink

Can a Tassimo machine produce an authentic espresso?

To create a great espresso a balance a of unique taste, aroma and a rich golden foam (crema) is the key.

Traditionally this is achieved using high pressure that forces water through compacted coffee grinds. This action extracts the solids and gases as well as the oils from the ground coffee to create the espresso.

New TASSIMO T DISC technology: A patented TASSIMO Eductor emulsifies the solids, gases and oils from the coffee as water flows through the T DISC brew chamber at high speed.

Upon reaching the cup, the tiny compact bubbles within the dark, rich emulsion of coffee liquor rise to the surface and form the golden foam (crema) layer on top of the espresso. The T DISC uses high speed rather than high pressure to extract the solids, gases and oils from the coffee.

MDLZ has used its coffee blending, roasting and grinding expertise combined with its patented T DISC to deliver a perfect espresso. The unique T DISC technology is able to deliver the crema emulsion that is a prerequisite for the perfect espresso without the need for high pressure. The unique T DISC sends a stream of coffee beverage at high speed as it passes over the patented Eductor. This system thus creates the high-quality crema emulsion at a much lower pressure than other systems. This patented technology carefully controls the quality of the crema as it passes through the Eductor, ensuring that the foam bubbles are just the "right size."

Can I reuse the T DISC?

Each T DISC is designed to prepare a perfect cup, and cannot be reused. The T DISC should be removed from the machine after brewing and discarded.