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Milk Thermometers for Coffee Brewing

High-quality coffee thermometers are vital for beginners and can significantly simplify the work of well-trained experts. Coffee milk thermometers are easy to use and install, accurate and reliable, allowing you to monitor and control the coffee drinks at all stages of their brewing. Besides, the milk jug thermometer is indispensable for creating a stable and delicate milk foam when frothing and maintaining the ideal structure and taste of latte, cappuccino, and other coffee cocktails with milk.

Ensure consistency in the results of your coffee art and take complete control over the creation of dairy masterpieces with the best thermometer for coffee brewing from Blue Star Coffee! We offer a comprehensive product range with original accessories from world leaders. Mechanical milk thermometers, digital and sensor probes, labels & strips – browse our catalogue to find the best commercial and home use tools quickly and effortlessly!

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Coffee group temperature strip set
From €5.99 | Helps prevent burnt coffee
Motta thermometer and clip
No burnt milk or tongue | No pain latte
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
Helps prevent burnt coffee
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
New improved 2021 version
Digital temperature probe
No more burnt coffee | Informs when group is ready to use.
Joe Frex milk thermometer
Large face | No burnt milk or tongue | No pain latte
Portafilter thermal Pressure Gauge Kit
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters

Premium Milk Thermometers for Sale

Among the advanced barista toolkit, temperature probes are accessories that improve the quality of freshly brewed drinks and tools, without which it is simply impossible to prepare the proper coffee. Dedicated milk thermometers are products that combine these two critical features for making frothy cocktails. Even professional equipment can't create an ideal base for a cappuccino or latte if the milk temperature is outside the 65 to 70°C range. This parameter allows the barista to give the milk froth a sweetish flavour and get the right consistency while frothing.

Of course, many years of experience and regular training help specialists better feel the coffee's temperature by touch. However, an unplanned change in milk supplier, new jugs & frothing accessories can contribute to the loss of professional skills and poor results. Provide your baristas with reliable equipment by purchasing the best thermometer for coffee brewing, thanks to which the ideal quality of coffee cocktails will be constant. The premium milk thermometers available in Blue Star Coffee's online catalogue allow you to determine the temperature of your drinks quickly and accurately. The various models make it easy to find and select the perfect product for home and commercial use!


Range of Quality Coffee Thermometers

Up-to-date coffee thermometers are versatile tools that help you track the exact parameters of brewed coffee and coffee-based drinks. The accessory is indispensable for creating milk foam, determining the espresso temperature, and observing the performance of coffee equipment. It is noteworthy that there are individual coffee & milk thermometers for each task, differing in a particular shape, mechanism structure, and performance characteristics:

  • Mechanical milk frothing thermometers are classic options with a submersible mechanism that baristas attach to the milk jug directly. The accessory can instantly measure the exact temperature, which is incredibly convenient for tracking the drink parameters at all stages of preparation.

  • Digital coffee thermometers and sensor probes are innovative and multifunctional. You can use them to measure the temperature of milk inside the jug and for head group mechanisms.

  • Labels & strips are more compact and easier to use. Attach the sticker to the accessory surface and get accurate data to track the status of drinks. These milk thermometers may respond more slowly than mechanical and digital analogues, but they are easier to operate and do not need to be calibrated.

  • Thermal pressure gauges are part of the mechanism of some models of coffee equipment. This spare part is mounted on the espresso maker or portafilter directly and allows the barista to check the water temperature and the coffee machine's pump pressure.


It is noteworthy that the milk jug thermometer, which is fixed to the jug's surface, is the most widespread and popular product. It is a versatile tool that covers the needs of most food industries, from coffee businesses to breweries and cheesemakers. The smooth speed of reaction to temperature increases allows everyone to promptly track the slightest changes and swiftly intervene in the technological process. If you prefer classic options that have remained at the forefront of leadership for years, then the best milk thermometers from Motta and Joe Frex will be your favourite working tools!


Guidelines for Milk Thermometers Selection

The selection of commercial coffee thermometers is wide and varied, so Blue Star Coffee experts decided to keep things simple by grouping the best models from trusted suppliers. Thus, baristas do not have to focus on the quality of the products, and they can pay attention to other practical properties:

  • It is useful when the milk frothing thermometers offer both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Coffee products and coffee recipe books manufacturers offer various brewing options for different coffee drinks & blends. The dual scale eliminates the need for calculations, and mechanical models can also display the desired temperature range.

  • Most original milk thermometers are waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage, and they are easy to clean and wash. It is a valuable feature for coffee houses with a large customer flow when baristas often have to work with a milk thermometer for coffee.

  • The length of the dipstick dipped into the liquid should be at least four and no more than eight inches. Otherwise, the baristas will not be able to measure the temperature correctly.


Buy Milk Frothing Thermometers Online

The choice of a suitable milk thermometer for coffee directly depends on the professional needs, the coffee equipment used, and the convenience of the barista. Perhaps someone will be satisfied with the coffee thermometers label set, which takes up a minimum of space and doesn't require specialised installation skills. Some baristas who make many drinks every day prefer to use several models for various purposes. Gourmets, coffee connoisseurs, and beginners alike prefer small manual milk thermometers for home use and training. These accessories are usually equipped with several Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales and a specially marked range of chosen parameters.

The Blue Star Coffee catalogue covers all the needs of coffee professionals and enthusiasts, inviting everyone to find the best coffee thermometers of first-class quality and at an affordable price. We offer only original products from the world's leading coffee equipment manufacturers. We also offer convenient payment methods, fast delivery throughout the UK and worldwide, and customer-centric service. Let us become your trusted coffee partner and supplier of premium milk thermometers, accessories & barista tools today!

Latte Cappuccino milk frothing thermometers are an important ingredient in making a Latte or Cappuccino.
A temperature strip on the milk jug gives an instant accurate temperature and is quicker than a traditional milk thermometer. temperature strips are suitable for the dishwasher and wont come off in the wash. 
Milk frothing thermometers with a clip are ideal for commercial environmental, it will aid in milk frothing and used to take the temperature of the coffee in the event that the customer would prefer their cappuccino hotter or colder.
Using the palm of the hand to gauge the temperature of the milk will result in burnt pallets and inconsistent results.
Professional coffee baristas will always use a thermometer on the milk jug for always consistent results. 

Milk frothing thermometers have 3 main uses;

Milk frothing aid: Knowing when to start and stop stretching the milk.One should stop stretching the milk at 100 degrees and stop heating at 140 degrees. The milk will have reached 160 degrees when finished heating and the froth should have doubled in size.If using paper cups deduct 10 degrees 

Safety: The temperature of the Cappuccino and Latte should be 140 degrees in the cup. If the milk is over heated it will burn the tongue which will take hour to recover.
Insurance: In the event of an accident involving spilling the Latte or cappuccino coffee, causing potential burns, you can prove that the milk was not overheated. Knowing the temperature of the milk could avoid an expensive law suit.