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Coffee group temperature strip set
Helps prevent burnt coffee
Yagua Milk Jug temperature label
Fits on any jug
Espresso Gear Milk Jug temperature sticker
Fits on any steel milk jug
Milk jug thermometer and clip
No burnt milk or tongue | No pain latte
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
New improved 2020 version | Helps prevent burnt coffee
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
Digital temperature probe
No more burnt coffee | Informs when group is ready to use.
Coffee face mask
Made from recycled plastic and coffee grounds - Fits well | anti fog | Reusable
Joe Frex milk thermometer
No more burned tongues
Portafilter thermal Pressure Gauge Kit
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Latte Cappuccino milk frothing thermometers are an important ingredient in making a Latte or Cappuccino.
A temperature strip on the milk jug gives an instant accurate temperature and is quicker than a traditional milk thermometer. temperature strips are suitable for the dishwasher and wont come off in the wash. 
Milk frothing thermometers with a clip are ideal for commercial environmental, it will aid in milk frothing and used to take the temperature of the coffee in the event that the customer would prefer their cappuccino hotter or colder.
Using the palm of the hand to gauge the temperature of the milk will result in burnt pallets and inconsistent results.
Professional coffee baristas will always use a thermometer on the milk jug for always consistent results. 

Milk frothing thermometers have 3 main uses;

Milk frothing aid: Knowing when to start and stop stretching the milk.One should stop stretching the milk at 100 degrees and stop heating at 140 degrees. The milk will have reached 160 degrees when finished heating and the froth should have doubled in size.If using paper cups deduct 10 degrees 

Safety: The temperature of the Cappuccino and Latte should be 140 degrees in the cup. If the milk is over heated it will burn the tongue which will take hour to recover.
Insurance: In the event of an accident involving spilling the Latte or cappuccino coffee, causing potential burns, you can prove that the milk was not overheated. Knowing the temperature of the milk could avoid an expensive law suit.