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Rancilio Silvia 100°C coffee thermostat
100°C coffee contact thermostat
Rancilio Silvia steam thermostat 140°C
140°C steam contact thermostat
Ascaso safety thermostat 165°C M4
M4 | Ascaso bar | Ascaso Steel professional
Lelit Safety thermostat 165°C
M4 | 165°C safety thermostat
Safety thermostat 145°C
Safety thermostat 165°C
M4 | Brasilia|Elektra|Isomac|Rancilio|Vibemme
Thermal Paste syringe
Ensures thermostat works at optimum
Ascaso  boiler pimp thermostat kit
Lower temperature for 100% arabica coffee.| Extra steam
Ascaso  boiler thermostat kit
M4 | For Dream Basic made before -09/12
Ascaso  coffee thermostat 100°C M4
M4 | For Dream Basic made before -09/12
Ascaso boiler thermostats kit
M4 | For Arc Dream Basic Steel made after +09/12
ascaso coffee thermostat 98°C M4
M4 | Lower temperature to prevent burnt coffee | For Dream Basic made before -09/12
Ascaso steam thermostat 140°C  M4
M4 | For Dream Basic made before -09/12
Ascaso Steel pro. thermostats x 3
Ascaso Steel professional model
Astoria 100°C coffee thermostat
100°C coffee thermostat
Lelit steam thermostat 140°C  M4
La Pavoni Lever thermostat 127°C
La Pavoni 127°C thermostat
Gaggia Coffee thermostat 104°C
M4 | Lower temperature for 100% arabica coffee.
Gaggia Coffee thermostat 107°C
M4 | Gaggia home models
Gaggia Steam thermostat 145°C
M4 | Fits most Gaggia machines.​​​​​​​
Gaggia Steam thermostat 155°C
M4 | Up grade your gaggia steam boiler| Grimac
Gaggia thermostat set 104°C
100% arabica coffee | Coffee 104°C + Steam 145°C
Gaggia thermostat set 107°C
Original Coffee 107°C + Steam 145°C
Coffee thermostat 98°C M4
Coffee thermostat M4 95°C
M4 | Ascaso| Grimac|La Piccola|Pavoni|RDL|Spinel | lelit
Parker  boiler pressure switch
Fits most commercial machines 25 amp
Coffee machine thermostats:

The thermostat is a switch that controls temperature in a heating element device. It opens and closes a circuit based on temperature. Thermostats used in coffee machines may use a bimetal strip. If faulty, they should only be replaced rather than repaired.

You may just need to replace the thermostat if :
- You are not getting enough steam
- Coffee is cold or burnt
Thermostats have a finite life - 3-4 years before they loose their accuracy and they can be damaged over time.