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Coffee grounds digital scales
Tool for setting the grind
Coffee grounds digital scales 600g
Tool for setting the grind
Coffee spoon measuring scales
Tool for setting the grind
Espresso Coffee digital scales
Tool for setting the grind
Portafilter Pressure Gauge Kit
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Gasket and o ring  tool
Making gasket changing easy
Concept art Espresso Timer
Timer for shots 18-23 sec
Joefrex filter basket remover
Cleaning tool to remove filter basket
Shower screen screwdriver
Flat - and + Phillips heads
Shower screen screwdriver philips
Helps to remove the shower screen
Silicon grease
Provides lubrication for steam taps etc
Teflon sealing tape
Prevents leaking
Coffee bag measure spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Coffee bag spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Black abs Coffee dosing scoop spoon - 7g
Tool for setting the grind
Coffee grounds measuring spoon
Tool for setting the grind
Coffeevac  Set
Set of 2 250g + 500g
Coffeevac 250g  - Mocha
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Coffeevac 500g  - Mocha
From 12.50 - For more coffee crema
Espresso machines need care and attention in order to have trouble free operation.
You should clean the group head daily for commercial machines ( not so much with domestic machines such as Ascaso, Rancilio or Gaggia machines.)
Domestic machines need to be descaled every 2-3 months and need group gaskets replaced at least every year.
We have the tools you need for servicing your own coffee machine, from group awls to screwdrivers and all at very low prices.