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Ascaso Coffee Grinders

Blue Star carries a range of home and commercial espresso coffee grinders. Brands such as Conti, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Grinders, and Coffee Grinders are sold to Ireland UK, and Europe.

Ascaso coffee machine spare parts

Dream Arc Basic Ascaso steel Ascaso steel pro. Ascaso POD Dream Arc Basic
Dream Arc Basic Ascaso POD Ascaso PID Ascaso Steel Pro Ascaso Steel
Ascaso POD Ascaso steel Ascaso steel pro. Dream Arc Basic Ascaso POD
Ascaso Baby T  Bar One Bar Barista Ascaso Grinder Parts

Our extensive range of Ascaso spare parts and accessories are available for UK, USA, Ireland, Europe and worldwide. We have sold Ascaso spare parts since 2005 and carry most parts.

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1 - 1 of 1 Products

Eureka espresso grinders was founded by Aurelio Cont in 1920 and are still handmade and made in Florence Italy. Eureka espresso grinders are ideal for home use and feature the internationally famous anti-clump ACE system which prevents coffee static - the main cause of channeling inNaked Portafilters. All Eureka grinders come with Stepless Micrometric Regulation System for a step-by-step grinder adjustment of the burr or blades. This ensures the grind can easily be adjusted and the new grinding position can be noted. Eureka is world famous for its quick and easy burr blade changeover that can be dismantled by removing only 9 screws, permits quickly replace and clean the burrs as well as a remarkable time and coffee saving.

The Eureka Mignon Silenzio 230V, Eureka Mignon Specialta 230V , Eureka Mignon Zero 230V Eureka Mignon Manuale 230V all feature silent technology- an anti-vibration solution that reduces the grinding noise by approximately 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: accurate and quiet. The "Hands-Free" Fork is ideal for any kind of portafilter and allows baristas to accomplish other operations during the grinding phase. Grind can be adjusted  from Turkish to Moka, from Drip to French Press. The Eureka grinders equipped with this system are easy and fast to program.

Mignon Libra is the latest innovation, that allows you to grind by weight - no more weighing the beans on a scale separately or timing the grinder. This is a world-beating innovation that will set the trend for all other grinder manufacturers to follow. Eureka Mignon Zero 230V features the blowup system which allows zero retention of spend grinds, by pressing the silicon bellows - the 1-2 grams of coffee caught in the chute are expelled, thus preventing the stale coffee from contaminating the shot.

Eureka accessories such as the Mignon mat is the ideal home for the Eureka mignon grinder - it is home to both the grinds brush and portafilter station and the silicon mat ensures it will never move out of position. The mignon dosing funnel is designed to fit Mignon grinders ensuring all the coffee grinds end up in the basket. The eureka dosing cup is the perfect fit for Mignon grinders and ideal for single dosing 18g of beans into the stainless steel cup, poured into the clear eureka hopper ensuring 18 grams back into the basket.

In 1962, Jesús Ascaso started, producing and distributing spare parts for espresso coffee machines. Currently, Ascaso employs 50 professionals and sells its products in over 95 countries, with all designs and manufacturing in Barcelona.Blue Star Coffee carry most available spare parts for Ascaso home and professional models such as Ascaso Dream, Ascaso Pid, Ascaso Steel, Ascaso Arc, Ascaso Basic, Ascaso Ellipse, Ascaso Baby T, Ascaso barista, and Ascaso Bar.