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Brasilia Portafilters

BlueStarcoffee.EU carries one of the largest ranges of Portafilters available - with a choice of over 180 portafilters and growing.

Blue Star has single, double, and naked bottomless portafilters for many brands including Bezzera, Lelit, Ascaso, Rocket, ECM, Profitec, Expobar, Wega, Astoria, CMA, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Reneka, Caramali, Conti, and the best selling home lever machines such as La Pavoni europiccola.

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1 - 2 of 2 Products


Blue Star coffee. eu sources generic portafilters mainly from Milan Italy from the same factories that make the original portafilters. Blue Star portafilters are made from chrome plated brass which is both strong and durable and keeps the temperature of the portafilter stable.

What is the difference between a generic and branded portafilter?

Our generic portafilters are most often the same quality as the branded original, sometimes made in the same factory so the quality is always good.

What are the different sizes of portafilters?

Espresso coffee portafilters come in many sizes 53mm 54mm 57mm and 58mm and most manufacturers will produce 2-5 different sizes. So when looking for a portafilter to suit your machine, you should know the model name, brand, and the year your machine was made.

Different types of portafilters:

While most coffee portafilters are made from chrome-plated brass, Pesado, Ascaso, and bluestarcoffee produce portafilters made from stainless steel as well.Blue Star Coffee E61 Stainless Steel Portafilter and Blue Star Coffee E61 Stainless Steel bottomless Portafilter. The main advantage of a stainless steel portafilter is it will hold the temperature for longer than brass and does not contain lead or chrome. Stainless steel does not lose the chrome plated finish nor does it tarnish, unlike stainless steel.

You can enhance your espresso experience by changing your handle or spout. Some Portafilter Handles are glued at the factory so the handle does not come loose, but glue can be removed by using boiling water. To remove a factory-glued handle - immerse the portafilter in boiling water - taking care not to immerse the wooden handle. The glue will soften or the steel will contract, so the handle can be unscrewed. Portafilter Spouts can be glued as well or just tightened, they can be removed by unscrewing anti-clockwise or immersing in boiling water to release the thread lock glue.

Why change my portafilter?

One of the best modifications you can make to any portafilter is to change your stock filter basket to a competition basket. Ascaso, IMS Competition, Barista pro Nanotech Basket, or E&B LAB  are all made in Europe and will improve the quality of the espresso.

Why use a naked portafilter?

Naked portafilters help you to extract the best shot possible. It helps to control and diagnose the extraction of espresso shots and assures a pure espresso with a great crema.
It's an amazing espresso accessory for training, as it exposes channeling. Channeling occurs when coffee grounds are not evenly distributed or properly compressed.