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EDO Cleaning Products

To ensure your Espresso Machines and Coffee Grindersproduce the best possible coffee, it is important to clean them frequently.

Blue Star Coffee has an extensive range of cleaning products including;Coffee Cleaning Powder, Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets, Coffee Grinder Cleaner, Barista Clothsand Coffee machine cleaning Brushes to make sure you get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

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1 - 4 of 4 Products

Cleaning Products 

Use Puly Caff Cleaning Powder 570Gand Puly Caff Cleaning Tablet 0.5g for daily espresso coffee cleaning in stock for Ireland, UK and Europe.

How often should you clean a coffee machine?

If the espresso coffee machine group is not cleaned regularly, the coffee group will get blocked with lime and coffee oils, this is an expensive fix. Back flushing daily of the espresso coffee machine will make sure that the group, shower screen and portafilter remain uncontaminated with rancid and carbonated coffee oils. Nothing tastes worse than bitter coffee caused by a neglected espresso coffee machine.

How often should you clean a coffee grinder?

Coffee grinders should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove rancid coffee oils on the hopper and the grinder blades. No excuse now to clean the grinder as it is so easy with Puly Caff green Grinder Cleaner 405gPuly Caff green Grinder Cleaner 405g

Home coffee machines such as Rancilio Silvia, Gaggia Classic, Ascaso Dream Pid 230VAscaso Dream Pid 230Vor La Pavoni Piccolo need regular descaling to avoid expensive repairs.