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Gicar Flow meters - made just outside Milan in Merate – Italy since 1963.

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1 - 11 of 11 Products

What does a flowmeter do in an Espresso Machine?

Flowmeters measure the volume of water going through the groups - the water used for brewing the espresso. It does this by recording the revolutions of the impellor inside the flowmeter chamber. These revolutions are sent back to the PCB and interpreted as water volume. The most common flowmeter found in espresso coffee machines are Gicar Flow meters - made just outside Milan in Merate – Italy since 1963.

The most common flowmeter is the metal 3-prong flow meter which is ungrounded. The connectors are connected back to the PCB by a block connector. Some brands like Fracino  Rancilio & Marzocco have the ground prong wired back to the flow meter body to ground it.

When should I replace a flow meter?

  • If the panel no longer programs
  • If the volumetric button no longer works 
  • If LED no longer lights up

How to replace the flow meter lid?

  1. Make sure that the main water is turned off at the stopcock.
  2. Remove existing flow meter connector wires - - pay attention to where the earth and life are.
  3. Remove the old flow meter top - 3 screws and replace it with the new flowmeter top.
  4. Pay attention to leaving the flow wheel and gasket inside and clean the flow wheel connector nodes with a wire brush or sandpaper for better contact.