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Joe Frex Barista Tools

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Your coffee journey started with a Coffee Machine Homeand now you need the right barista tools to get the best your coffee machine can offer.
Blue Star Coffee offer a range of barista tools. From handy little tools like theJoe Frex Filter Basket Remover, Blue Star Coffee Gasket And O Ring Pick And Hook Set to the Blue Star Coffee Wood Needle Distributer Wdt Tool and Joe Frex Latte Art Gift Set, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Joe Frex Logo

Joe Frex has been designing and making espresso tools in Germany since 1996.
With Joe Frex you are assured of quality and the experience of 27 years of innovation.


Joe Frex Latte Art Gift Set
Joe Frex Filter Basket Remover
Joe Frex Coffee Bag Clip X 3
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Joe Frex Espresso Tool
Joe Frex Mini tamper Keychain
Joe Frex Cocoa Dredger
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Barista Tools

How do you get the best coffee cream?

To get great espresso coffee cream you need the correct barista tools. 

How long does it take to extract coffee?

You need to know how long it takes to extract the coffee and have the correct quantity of coffee.  

A typical espresso shot traditionally would take 7 grams of Italian espresso blend to pour 30cl of espresso and the pour should take between 18 and 23 seconds.Blue Star Coffee Lower Shower Puck Screenare used to reduce channeling, slow down the water extraction and keep the Blue Star Coffee Lower Shower Puck Screenclean.

If you cannot control the temperature of coffee coming from the group you can use a Blue Star Coffee Lower Shower Puck Screen Thickto cool the coffee extraction and slow it down. If you own a machine with a Group E61or Lever group you will need to lubricate the pistons and camshaft.Molykote 111 grease 6ggrease and Kluberlub 11-222 NH1 grease 45g and SuperLube Grease 1ml are food safe and last a long time before you need to relubricate the pistons.

Joe Frex Logo

Welcome to the [JoeFrex]® coffee collection

Established in 1996, JoeFrex has been specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of prime-quality coffee and espresso tools & accessories for more than twenty years. Dedicated to continuous innovation and the development of original design concepts, the company has established a prestigious reputation for high-end products and outstanding manufacturing standards with business partners on all five continents.

Blue Star Coffee offers a wide range of espresso accessories like tampers, tamping stations, milk pitchers, knock boxes, and knock-out drawer bases for portafilter machines, as well as cleaning products and professional equipment for cafes, bars, restaurants, barista and coffee roasters.

Where is Joe Frex Based?

Joe Frex is based in Nuremberg Germany

When was Joe Frex established ?

By 1996 his fledgling business had become so successful that Joerg, as the next logical step, created his company JoeFrex GmbH, with a dynamic team of collaborators. Since then, [JoeFrex]® has become a household name with coffee lovers, barista and professionals in the coffee, roasting and catering industry, even in many foreign countries. National and international clients alike appreciate Rexroth’s uncompromising commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction - as well as his friendly nature and his open ear for feedback and suggestions.