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Motta Milk Jug

We have a large range of milk-frothing jugs. We stock commercial, home, and latte art milk jugs, in a wide variety of sizes and colours. 

Metallurgica Motta products are completely manufactured in its own factory in Piedmont Italy - northwest of Milan since 1967

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1 - 9 of 9 Products

Best Milk Frothing Jugs

To get the best latte or cappuccino froth when steaming for Cappuccino or Latte art, your milk must always be cold, taken directly from the fridge 4°C and fresh! Cold milk will give you microbubbles, allowing you to stretch the milk for frothy cappuccinos.

In a commercial setting for the café or bar, you should have different frothing jugs:

The ideal size of commercial milk frothing jug should beMilk Jug or Milk Jugmilk jug for flat white coffees.

Teflon coated jug is ideal for soya milk or Italian chocolate, so the milk won't stick after frothing and is easily cleaned after.

  • Coloured jugs will allow you to distinguish between full-fat milk and skimmed kinds of milk.
  • Latte art milk steaming jugs are best for latte art as they have a pouring spout and a shape that aids microbubbles.
  • Handle free milk steaming jugs are perfect for latte art and flat white coffees. They are well insulated so that they won't burn your hands.

For the home, the ideal milk jug should be from Universal Milk Jug Pitcher 400mlto Universal Milk Jug Pitcher 600ml

  • A more miniature 400 ml jug is ideal for 1-2 cups as you have just enough room and is quicker than a larger jug.
  • The 600 ml jugs are best suited for largerPortafilters groups and will give 2-3 cups at a time.
  • The smaller sizes.Milk Jug will make 1-2 cups at a time. They have silicon insulation to protect your hands.
  • These jugs are perfectly designed and shaped to enable you to create smooth milk foam for cappuccinos and latte macchiato. The spouts are ideal for latte art on cappuccinos. 
  • Home milk frothing jug: 400 ml or 600 ml (Ideal for Ascaso, Rancilio and Gaggia Espresso Machines).

Metallurgica Motta specializes in professional and household items made of stainless steel.

What makes Motta so special?

  • Motta is one of the top barista espresso accessories, used by top Baristas the world over.
  • The Motta Europa range of jugs is used in the World Barista Championships in many countries.
  • Motta was one of the main innovators with their range of Motta Adjustable Leveler 58.5mm.
  • The Motta Coffee Dosing Cup fits 57mm and 58mm portafilters and competition baskets such as IMS and E&B