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Universal Coffee Tamper Base

A coffee tamper base is an ideal spot to keep your Coffee Tampers in one position so it does not go missing. The coffee tamper base will protect theJoe Frex - Adjustable Level Palm Tamper 58mm from scuffs and scratches. It's even possible to use a coffee tamper base as a Portafilters rest if you don’t use a Coffee Tamper Mat

Choose a base to match your equipment – walnut wood, black beech wood, and even stainless steel base, with a rubber base so it never moves - from Motta. tamper bases will fit tampers as small as 51mm 53mm 54mm, 57mm, 58mm, and competition size 58.5m

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Choose a coffee tamper base to match your equipment – Universal Walnut Tamper Seat 60mm,Universal Black Tamper Seat 60mm, and evenMotta Steel Coffee Tamper Base 60mm with a rubber base so it never moves. coffee tamper bases will fit coffee tampers as small as Coffee Tampers, Coffee TampersCoffee Tampers, Coffee Tampers,Coffee Tampers, and competition size DVG Competition Tamper 58.5mm.