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Water filters

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Brita Purity C 1000
10,000 Litres of pure filtered water
Brita Purity C 1000  +Brita Head
10,000 Litres of pure filtered water
DVA  Water Softener 8L
Recharge using salt - cheaper than replacing cartridge filters
Used with: Lincat water boilers and water coolers
Brita Purity C Quell St Cartridge
Filter and soften 500-11,000 litres per year
Brita - Water filters to increase the life of your machine and coffee taste.
 Better for your machine, better taste and better for your pocket!

Purity C Quell ST cartridge water filters have been specially developed for use in the coffee sector to reduce the carbonate hardness in the water, thus avoiding scale deposits on crucial areas.

Cross-section of heater element, one side with scale build-up and the other without
In best case scenarios lime build up can cause a reduction in steam preventing cappuccino froth and increase your electrical consumption, in worst cases it can block the coffee group stopping the coffee altogether.
PURITY C water filters prevents lime buildup, when changed at regular intervals  which can coat the element, block the micro channels of the coffee group, the pressure stat, electro valves and copper pipes. 

Purity C Quell St filtered water will even preserve your coffee crème and avoid the scum seen on tea in hard water areas. 

It removes chlorine,  cloudy water particles and your drinks will look and taste better.