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Commercial Water Filters & Water Softeners

It is impossible to brew a cup of delicious espresso without water, and the quality of water significantly affects the taste and aroma of the prepared coffee drink. Equip your coffee machine with high-performance commercial water filters & softeners, and you won't have to worry about the characteristics of the liquid used and the hassle of bottled water supplies! 


Professional products excel at the daily workload of baristas, providing reliable protection against limescale, harmful impurities, and deterioration of the taste of your espresso. In turn, Blue Star Coffee will provide uninterrupted access and supply of original water filters for coffee machines. So unleash the full potential of unique coffee types and maximise your coffee shop's profit by offering delicious coffee drinks based on pure water of the best quality!

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Aquadur water hardness test strip x 5
From €4.49
Brita aqua gusta 100 L
💰From €6.99 | Passively softens 100 Litres
Brita aqua gusta 250 L
💰From €8.49 | Passively softens 250 Litres
Oscar 150
275 Liters |Keeps machine safe | 4 Litre tank
Oscar 90
💰 From €6.49 |150 Liters |Keeps machine safe | 2 Litre tank
Nical 125 water softener 25Liters x 5
💰 Save €10.00 | 125 Liters |Keeps machine safe
Nical 900 water softener 150L
💰 From €5.49 | 150Liters
Nical MX water softener 300L
300 Liters |Keeps machine safe | 2-4 Litre tank
Nical 125 water softener 25L x 1
💰 From €2.99 | Softens 25 Liters at standard hardness
Brita Purity C 1000
10,000 Litres of pure filtered water
Brita Purity C 1000  +Brita Head
10,000 Litres of pure filtered water
DVA  Water Softener 8L
Recharge using salt - cheaper than replacing cartridge filters
Used with: Lincat water boilers and water coolers
Braided water inlet hose  pipe
Choose: 3/8 x 3/8 |3/8 x 1/2 |3/8 x 3/4
Brita Purity C Quell St Cartridge
Filter and soften 500-11,000 litres per year
Silicon tube particle filter
Stops particles blocking pump| solenoid valves

Top Commercial Water Filters for Coffee Machines

The aroma and taste of coffee depend on many factors, including the quality of coffee products, the grind of the roast, the equipment used, and the level of the barista's skills. However, all this can quickly depreciate due to inappropriate water, which is the basis of all drinks. What's more, it also affects the longevity and performance of accessories and espresso makers, as the scale is the primary cause of expensive machinery to fail. In this case, commercial water softeners and specialised water filters for coffee machines are necessary to dramatically reduce the loss of business resources and maintain the highest quality of the barista's work.


Premium Commercial Water Filters & Water Softeners

We know how important it is for Blue Star Coffee customers to have uninterrupted access to premium products from the world's leading coffee equipment and accessories manufacturers. That is why our experts have collected many of the best commercial water filters here to meet seasoned baristas' requirements. Original commercial water filtration systems do an excellent job with preparing espresso water and offer many benefits related to maintenance, for example:

  • All coffee maker water filters are easy to install and require minor maintenance. We also offer detailed operating instructions, which you can read in product descriptions or explore the necessary information via direct consultation with one of our specialists.

  • Presented water filters for coffee machine are fully compatible with the most popular coffee equipment models widely used in the coffee business. Moreover, Blue Star Coffee can recommend several suitable alternatives to keep your water clean and tasty at all times.

  • The commercial water filters and softeners qualitatively reduce the risk of scale formation on the surfaces of coffee equipment. It has a positive effect on its performance, especially under frequent use and colossal loads.

  • Transparent pricing, comfortable payment options & fast delivery of coffee machine water filters make the maintenance cost-effective for every business owner, allowing you to keep the first-class quality of service.


Preparing Water for Espresso Machine

Correct preparation of water for an espresso machine is as essential as proper roasting and grinding of coffee beans (as amended that the quality of the coffee product is less critical for the operation of the coffee equipment). This nuance is especially true if you use tap water to be thoroughly cleaned from mineral salts and impurities. Commercial water filters are great at removing harmful particles of heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria. It is the primary preparation required for any drinking water, regardless of the application.

Next, you need to adjust the hardness of the water – the content in the liquid of hydrocarbonates and carbonates of magnesium and calcium. This step is critical for the water used in espresso, as soft water interacts better with the coffee particles and therefore better reveals their taste. Commercial water softeners do a great job. The products trap ions of harmful particles, regulating the pH to the ideal level and minimising limescale formation inside the espresso machine.


Bottled Water VS Commercial Water Purification Systems

Purchasing ready-to-use bottled water is an excellent alternative to barista's routine maintenance of commercial water filtration systems. However, this option is better suited for home, office and small coffee shops where the amount of coffee brewed justifies the hassle of supplying and changing bottles. On the other hand, for mass production and large businesses, where professionals create a diversity of coffee drinks every day, installing commercial water purification systems is a more practical and convenient option. 

Besides, mineralisation and impurities in the water are essential when it comes to commercial water filters selection. Each type of coffee is unique and provides specific requirements for the composition of the water to unleash its full flavour potential. On the other hand, the bottled water is more consistent. In turn, commercial water softeners and coffee machine water filters allow baristas to adjust the mineralisation level according to their preferred characteristics. Thus, the purchase and maintenance of commercial water purification systems are more expensive, but it fully pays for the quality of freshly brewed coffee. Additionally, the market offers many inexpensive products for home use, far more beneficial than the constant use of bottled water.


Tips for Using Commercial Water Softeners

Integrated commercial water softeners and sachets contain a resin inside that traps heavy calcium particles, preventing them from accumulating on the surfaces of the coffee machine. The effectiveness of these products is fantastic if baristas follow a few simple rules:

  • Change commercial coffee machine water filters regularly, depending on the hardness of the water used.

  • Rinse the water filters for coffee machine with running water and soak for ten minutes before installing to remove the resin smell & taste.

  • Try to prevent the water from being boiled again and heated above 100ºC.

  • It is wise to purchase multiple commercial coffee maker water filters for individual tanks for multi-boiler espresso machines. The steam boiler tends to get hotter over 100ºC, and it needs to be serviced more often.


Best Coffee Machine Water Filters for Sale

Please keep in mind that using commercial water softeners without water filters makes sense only if you utilise the highest-quality water without any harmful particles and impurities. In any other case, these two products should complement each other. The extensive Blue Star Coffee range offers a variety of functional solutions at affordable prices, among which baristas can quickly and effortlessly find the best commercial water filters & softeners, ideally suited to individual requirements and preferences. Thus, you can provide customers with the best coffee and reliably protect your coffee equipment from the harmful limescale. If you need any help or advice on choosing the most suitable water filters for coffee machine, please contact us at any time!

Water filters have 2 main functions, protecting the coffee machine from mineral damage and enhancing the taste of the water.
 98% of your espresso is water
Scale effects the appearance, taste and aroma of your coffee.
Brita removes scale and guarantees water quality

Purity C Quell ST cartridge water filters have been specially developed for use in the coffee sector to reduce the carbonate hardness in the water, thus avoiding scale deposits on crucial areas.

Cross-section of heater element, one side with scale build-up and the other without
In best case scenarios lime build up can cause a reduction in steam preventing cappuccino froth and increase your electrical consumption, in worst cases it can block the coffee group stopping the coffee altogether.
PURITY C water filters prevents lime buildup, when changed at regular intervals  which can coat the element, block the micro channels of the coffee group, the pressure stat, electro valves and copper pipes. 

Purity C Quell St filtered water will even preserve your coffee crème and avoid the scum seen on tea in hard water areas. 

It removes chlorine,  cloudy water particles and your drinks will look and taste better.