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Wega parts

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Blind Filter - rubber
57/58mm domestic rubber blind filter
Blind Filter SS 58mm
Blind Filter basket - for 58mm portafilters
Universal portafilter handle black M12
Fits most machines |Thread 12mm
Universal portafilter handle walnut M12
Fits most machines |Thread 12mm
Wega Naked portafilter
Fits most machines
Wega Naked portafilter walnut
Fits most machines
Adjustable coffee Spout double
3/8'' Commercial/Home
Ascaso Spout single
Ascaso Steel spout
Espresso long Spout single
3/8'' Commercial/Home
Portafilter Spout double
Ascaso Steel spout
Ascaso coffee machine rotary vane pump
Commercial rotary vane 200L
Astoria|CMA  Element
Astoria| CMA| Wega|Faema
Coffee machine rotary vane pump Nuert
Commercial rotary vane 200L
Filter basket spring 58mm
Holds filter basket in place
IMS Cl 35 WM shower screen
Fits: Astoria|Carimali|Elektra|La Cimbali​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and more
Motta tamper Black
Choose 49|53|57|58|58.5mm
Sirai boiler pressure switch
Fits most commercial machines 30amp
Wega group gasket 8mm
73mm x 57mm x 8mm
Wega portafilter double
Faema|Brasilia|Gaggia|Grimac|Lascala|Visacrem etc