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Wega parts

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Blind Filter - rubber
57/58mm domestic rubber blind filter
Blind Filter SS 58mm
Blind Filter basket - for 58mm portafilters
Universal portafilter handle black M12
Fits most machines |Thread 12mm
Universal portafilter handle walnut M12
Fits most machines |Thread 12mm
Wega Naked portafilter
Fits most machines
Wega Naked portafilter walnut
Fits most machines
Adjustable coffee Spout double
3/8'' Commercial/Home
Espresso spout Long single
3/8'' Commercial/Home
Anti vacuum valve 1/4
Generic anti vacuum valve
Astoria Wega 2 group element 3400w
Astoria|CMA 1 group Element
Astoria| CMA| Wega|Faema
Coffee machine rotary vane pump
Commercial rotary vane 200L
Coffee machine rotary vane pump Nuert
Commercial rotary vane 200L
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
Helps prevent burnt coffee
E&B  Competition Flat  double filter basket
Choose : 14g |16g | 18g | 20g | 22g
E61 Shower screen Deep  No screw
Fits most E61 models
Filter Basket Double 14-18 grams 58mm
Universal - fits most 58mm portafiters
Filter basket spring 58mm
Holds filter basket in place
Gicar flowmeter
Flowmeter complete
Gicar flowmeter  lid
Flowmeter complete
Iberital  3/8" Boiler Safety Valve
Generic 3/8" Safety valve
IMS Cl 35 WM shower screen
Fits: Astoria|Carimali|Elektra|La Cimbali​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and more
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Unique Espresso spoons
La Marzocco single filter basket H26
Fits models that use 58mm tampers | 26.4mm deep
Motta tamper Black
Choose: 58mm |58.5 mm
RPM pump motor
SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - 2 weeks after order
San marco 21G filter basket
Fits: Dalla Corte| Izzo |La San Marco| Lelit
Sirai boiler pressure switch
Fits most commercial machines 30amp
Sirai solenoid coil  ZA30A 220V
Teflon sealing tape
Prevents leaking
Ulka Vibration  pump Ulka EX5 230v
Fits most models
Vibration pump Gaggia/Rancillio Ulka EX5 110V
Ulka Type EX5 110V 41W