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We have a range of Gaggia coffee machine spare parts for home coffee machines such as Gaggia Baby, Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Coffee and spare Gaggia parts for commercial coffee machines such as Gaggia Deco, Gaggia XD, and more.

We offer upgrade kits to upgrade your Gaggia Classic with a Gaggia Shower Holder Brass and IMS competition baskets & shower screensand Gaggia Service Kit Plus to pimp your Gaggia Classic.

Joe Frex Clean Starter Kit
Puly Caff green Grinder Cleaner 405g
Puly Caff Descaler Sachets X 10
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We offer Gaggia parts next-day delivery to Ireland and 2-3 days UK, France, Deutschland, Italy, Danmark, etc, and 1 week to Australia, New Zealand USA, and Canada.