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asso Jack espresso levellers distributers
Ascaso competition espresso filter baskets
Hario coffee V60 filter coffee
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Crema friendly espresso spoons
Joe Frex latte art gift set
3 x Latte art tools
ASCASO I Steel i1 timer gloss
💰 - Save €35.00 | Timer | Flat blades | Low grind retention
ASCASO I Steel i1 timer
💰 - Save €35.00 |Flat grinder blades| Auto stop| Black or White version
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Caravaggio Espresso gift box
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons
Flash tamper  black  58.5mm
Ideal for full baskets or IMS single
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 51mm
Smeg |Pavoni | Bodum | DElonghi |
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 53mm
Estro, Faema Family, La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si, La Spaziale, Mypressi Twist,Saeco,Solis| Sage | Breville

Professional Coffee Solutions in Ireland

During the last couple of years, the popularity of coffee in areas from all around has increased considerably, with over 4 billion dollars being used to import coffee in the United States alone, on a yearly basis. Ireland is well known as one of the world’s largest coffee consumers. Therefore, it only makes sense that professional commercial coffee shop equipment in Ireland is available at all times.

Brewing a quality cup of this ethical drink does require coffee shop supplies and equipment, so Blue Star Coffee comes to help those in Ireland, with everything from importing barista products, coffee, coffee equipment, spare parts and even rental.

High-end Coffee Equipment for Sale…

The last couple of months have transformed Blue Star Coffee into one of the most popular coffee machine suppliers in Ireland. It provides those who are interested in the wholesale coffee equipment of all kinds. To put things better into perspective, we sell barista tools, cleaning products, coffee pumps, espresso shot glasses, flavours, gifts, Jura accessories, knock boxes, milk jugs, naked portafilters, tamper mats, water filters, tampers, alongside with automatic, traditional and table top coffee machines. The list of products being sold doesn’t stop here, as we also sell water boilers, coffee grinders, and home coffee machines. Not only this, but we also carry a wide variety of spare parts for numerous types of coffee makers, therefore, if anything breaks down, we’ll most likely have a replacement part for the issue in question.

…and Rent

At this moment in time, we also offer a total of 9 products for rental, meant for cafes which still don’t have the funds needed to purchase their very own equipment, but also for event organizers who may require coffee equipment for limited periods of time.

Clients who are looking for pre-used equipment will be happy to know that we carry it as well. Not only this, but all reconditioned equipment we carry comes along with a 6 months warranty, whereas all coffee machines also come with a 1-2 hour training program.

Reliable Barista Supplies for Coffee Shop

Blue Star Coffee is also happy to support cafes and take-out coffee shops throughout Ireland, which is why we offer various forms of equipment including single-walled and double-walled coffee cups, lids, wooden stirrers, sugar sticks, cup holders, cup clutches and more.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, if you’re looking for high-quality, new and used coffee shop equipment for sale in Ireland, we got you covered!