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Elektra was founded in 1947 in Treviso Italy, near Venice home to many coffee manufacturers.

The name "Elektra" comes from the Greek word 'Elektron', a shiny object. (It also pays tribute to the great Italian scientist and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio, who named his famous laboratory ship Elettra). 

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1 - 40 of 40 Products

For Elektra, innovation is not only technical but also aesthetic: so in 1997, for the  50th anniversary, the Barlume was presented.. In, 2009 the Aletta the world's first machine with an automatic chlorine and limescale water purification system was born.

Elektra coffee machines spare parts for Barlume, Belle Epoque,Classic,Kappa ,Sixties (A3 & T1), Maxi, Microcasa, Modern,Verve.