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1 - 34 of 34 Products

Founded in 1996 as a small artisan roastery in Padenghe on the shores of Lake Garda, the roastery of Gianluca Venturelli, is the makes of both Lucaffe coffee pods and the manufacturer of La Piccola.

Because they make both machines and pods, their machines are designed to last with no built-in obsolesce, Steam and coffee are made in their own in-house brass thermoblocks powered by electrical inserts and controlled by thermostats. Simple, designed to last, and made in Italy - not China.

BlueStarCoffee carries a range of genuine spare parts for La Piccola ESE espresso pod coffee machines. La Piccola Piccola uses an Italian pump Ulka Vibration Pump EX5 230V vibration pump which can lose pressure over time.

LaPiccola machines use stainless steel 44mm and 38mm ESE baskets for espresso coffee pods. La Piccola Sara, Cecilia, and La Piccola Piccola use Ceme 588 230V 3 Way Solenoid and Olab 9000 230V 3 Way Solenoid, which can get blocked with lime over time.

When should I descale my La Piccola coffee pod machine?

You should descale the La Piccola every 2-3 months: This will prevent the coffee thermoblock and solenoids from getting blocked.

  1. Add 1 portion of the descaling solution Cafetto Organic descaler 250ml to a full tank full of water - see instructions on the packet for the dilution portion.
  2. Press start and dispensing by completely emptying the tank
  3. Once descaled - refill the tank with clean water
  4. Empty the entire tank again and rinse the tank.
  5. Coffee thermoblock and coffee solenoids are now lime-free.

How should I clean the La Piccola coffee pod machine?

You should clean the La Piccola Filter Basket TY1 or La Piccola Filter Basket pod Ty38 filter pod basket with a cleaning tablet at least once a week, to prevent the basket and basket holder from becoming contaminated with burnt coffee sugars and bitter-tasting carbon.

  1. Add 1 Puly Caff Cleaning Tablet 0.5g  to the filter basket.
  2. Press the coffee button for 10sec and then stop
  3. Press start again and dispense freely until the tablet is completely dissolved.
  4. Open up and wipe the basket with a cloth.
  5. Press the coffee button for 30sec and then stop.
  6. La Piccola Filter Basket, spout, and basket holder will now be carbon-free and have no more bitterness.