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Blue Star coffee carry most available spare parts for ascaso home and professional models such as ascaso Dream, ascaso Pid, ascaso steel , ascaso Arc, ascaso Basic, ascaso Ellipse, ascaso Baby T, ascaso barista, ascaso bar.


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Our extensive range of ascaso spare parts and accessories are available for UK, USA, Ireland, Europe and worldwide. We have sold ascaso spare parts since 2008 and carry most parts.

ascaso was established in 1962, by Jesús Ascaso  and the factory is based in Barcelona Spain - home of Spanish innovation and industry. In 2000 ascaso started producing coffee machines for the home and ascaso Dream was born. Not long after the range included ascaso arc, Ellipse, Basic and Steel. As these started to take off, the production line increased to include commercial coffee machines Ascaso Barista and ascaso bar, which was available in a capsule or ese pod format.