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Coffee filter paper

A Hario V60 is the perfect solution for the home barista.

Hario V60s are ideal for a morning coffee as they provide a full-strength coffee suited to the individual pallet.
With Hario coffee makers - waste coffee is easily disposed of and is perfect for composting -

just add the used Hario V60 filter paper to the compost bin. Easy! 

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Hario V60

Hario coffee filter papers are a green alternative to coffee pods as they are suitable for the compost bin.
Hario coffee is suitable for home or office use as it is easy to clean and quick to use. Place 14 grams of filter coffee into the Hario filter paper funnel - per cup, pouring just off the boil water slowly into the specially made coffee funnel.
Hario coffee can be sent to UK Ireland for next day delivery and 2-3 days for Denmark, Deutchland, France or Netherlands.


Hario V60 Dripper Design 

V60 Coffee Dripper Shape, Ridges and Large Hole have been designed very precisely for optimum extraction. It’s very simple and easy to make a wonderful cup of coffee with a few euros in a V60 dripper and some filter papers, using an ordinary kettle .  

Where did the Hario V60 name come from 

The V60 name derives from the dripper’s “V” shape at a 60 degree angle. According to Hario this is the ideal shape to brew your coffee grounds evenly. Hario coffee dripper has distinct interior ridges to ensure air-flow during the brewing process and also has a large hole in the middle where the V60 filter papers slot in to brew a perfect cup of coffee. 

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Sizes 

01 Size Dripper = 1 - 2 Cups, 02 Size Dripper = 1 - 4 Cup