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Ideal for the daily commute, holidays, the gym or simply walking the dog, a TRAVEL MUG is designed to go wherever you go, ensuring that your coffee, tea or other favorite drink is always within reach, even when you’re far from home.

Central to the Travel Mug’s stylish, streamlined design is the, insulating double wall system. It keeps beverages cool or piping hot.


Bodum Steel Travel Mug
GAT Travel Espresso Cup Set
Circular & Co leakproof recycled travel mug
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Hario Insulated Steel Travel Mug
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Do you sell recycled to-go cups?

Our Circular Cup range is the world’s first reusable coffee cups, made from recycled single-use paper cups.

Designed with practicality and circularity in mind, our sustainable travel mug is 100% leakproof, providing peace of mind whilst you’re on the go. Designed for 10 years of use, Circular Cup's unique push lid mechanism minimizes spills and offers one-hand opening. Enjoy the full coffee flavor with 360-degree drinking and after 10 years of use, your Circular Cup is 100% recyclable.

What is the best travel mug on the market?

The best travel cups, like the recycled Circular Cup, don't leak and the paint doesn't flake when used in the dishwasher. Make sure it fits in the car and won't spill.

How do I choose a travel mug?

Choose a mug that can be used in a dishwasher, without flaking. It needs to keep the beverage warm for at least 2 hours and should not spill if knocked.

Why do travel mugs leak?

Togo travel mugs often leak because they have a hole in the top of the cup. This allows you to drink through the sip-through lid, but, when you travel it can leak liquid which becomes very annoying