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How to Get Great Espresso Coffee Cream?

To get excellent espresso coffee cream, you need the correct tools. You won't get an amazing 'God shot' without having the correct grind, the proper amount of coffee, and how long it takes to pour. Get these right, and you are well on your way to coffee greatness. Calibrated espresso shot glasses have 2 main functions: measuring the quantity of liquid extracted and seeing the coffee cream. The more coffee cream extracted, the better the coffee.

You will need an espresso shot glass to measure the coffee shot's quantity, digital coffee weighing scales to measure the ground coffee's weight, and a timer to check the time it takes to extract the coffee. It should take 7 grams of espresso coffee to pour 30cl of espresso, and the pour should take between 18 and 23 seconds.

For pure arabica blends, the pour is as much as 28 seconds, but that depends on the coffee. If using 14 grams to get a great cream from a single shot, it should still take 18-23 seconds to pour the 30cl amount. 30cl or 1 oz is the standard size for a single espresso and can be seen in a calibrated espresso shot glass.

A calibrated espresso heavyweight shot glass will retain the heat, is hard to break and is ideal for a busy café or great value shot glass for the home. One should always wet the glass first with boiling water to ensure that the espresso does not stick to the glass or cool down. A stainless steel espresso shot pot is ideal for pouring single or double espressos for larger cup sizes. Drop a double shot into the pot and pour into a latte glass. Remember to wet the espresso shot pot first, so coffee cream is preserved.

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Rhino® Shot Glass -  2oz

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Espresso  2oz  shot glass

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Espresso calibration  glass x 1

💰 €2.10 each for 6 | Essential tool for setting the grind

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Espresso shot glass Joe Frex

Ideal tool for grind adjustment

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3oz Triple Spout  shot glass

Commercial quality

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Rhino®  Shot Glass - Double Spout

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Shot Glass - Double Spout
€8.12 (ex. VAT)
Double wall  thermal shot glass  x 2

Calibrated shot glass x 2

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Edo espresso Shot Pot
€3.24 (ex. VAT)
Coffee grounds digital scales 600g

Tool for setting the grind

€10.56 (ex. VAT)
EDO  Espresso coffee timer scales

Weigh coffee grounds /coffee shot | Time espresso extraction

€21.13 (ex. VAT)