Lower shower puck screen

Lower shower puck screen

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Helps reduce channelling | 49.5mm | 51.5mm 58.5mm portafilters

Stainless steel lower shower screen for dry coffee pucks


This second stainless steel lower shower screen is very high quality, with precision holes, and is designed to reduce channelling. 

This second coffee puck lower shower screen or contact screen is placed directly on the coffee puck, after tamping and suits  naked portafilters. It helps avoid channelling and minimise puck disturbance and keeps the shower screen clean too.

How to use:

  1. Fill portafilter with ground coffee, use WDT , leveller and tamper to prepare the puck
  2. Insert this shower screen onto the prepared puck.
  3. Make espresso ..
  4. Remove screen before banging the puck out in the knock box.

Clean with coffee cleaner such as Puly caff or Urnex


  • 58.5mm for E61 groups and most portafilters 
  • 49.5mm for pre millennium La La Pavoni models
  • 51.5mm for post millennium La La Pavoni models

Material:  Single layer stainless steel 316 sheet.Thickness: 0.2mm.  

Excellent alternative to paper snippet ratings

This thing is excellent for people who prefer a cleaner shower screen. I've used cotton discs but they don't fit perfectly. This metal is dense and fits like a glove inside my basket.

Cleaner shower screen, cleaner espresso! snippet ratings

I use this as a contact shower screen which not only helps stop any coffee particles getting stuck on the main shower screen but it also allows for a much more evenly soaked puck with less channelling so you get a more even extraction. Expertly made piece of kit!

51.5 shower screen snippet ratings

I bought this without expecting too much, and hoping it would make my pucks less susceptible to channelling. Having tried it I am amazed at the difference it made:

1) Less channelling 2) More uniform shots 3) Better tasting shots 4) Easier clean-up

The screen definitely improves pre-infusion and puck stability if the portafilter is inserted before raising the lever. I get less channelling and better tasting shots. These screens are definitely now a standard part of my work flow. Highly recommended!

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The product is very useful to keep your group head machine cleane..


every time you should get it or will lose if didn't remember..in the knock box

Zeyad Khalil | Saudi Arabia | September 2021

Perfect Pucks

The espresso always flows beautifully out of the bottomless portafilter. No channeling. Also, the the top shower screen stays super clean. Winner.

Dominic Vozza | Toronto, Canada | August 2021

Excellent service

, very quick turnaround of orders and a really great selection of stock

Brian White | Cork, Ireland | June 2021

Massive improvement

This has made a massive improvement to my espresso extraction on my beko cep5152b. Cheap machine which I've switched to unpressurised basket and naked portafilter. Was getting a pretty deep centre channel in my puck due to the 15bar pressure and only 1 hole behind the shower screen. This has almost completely eliminated that and my espresso tastes a LOT better.

Steve | Abergele | May 2021

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