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Blue Star Coffee Espresso Scales

An espresso scale is vital in calibrating the grind and handy for weighing the espresso shot.

To set the grind you need to know how much coffee is in the portafilter. Place the portafilter on the scales and press Tare – scales will show zero – grind the beans until you have 18 grams in the basket – weigh the portafilter to check the weight of the ground coffee.

It should take anywhere from 22 - 28 sec for a 60ml pour, using 18 grams.


Blue Star Coffee's own Brand.

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Blue Star CoffeeEspresso Coffee Timer Scales Come with a timer that works independently of the scale.
The dual display allows users to view weight and time simultaneously, making it easy to time and weight shot at the same time.

Brewing Hario V60 coffee is made easy with the Blue Star CoffeeCoffee Digital Scales and Timer 3kg . Just place the jug on the scales - press the tare function for the scale to be set at zero and put the quantity of coffee in the jug. 
7 grams per small 6oz cup or 14 if using mugs. Set the timer for 5 min and - perfect coffee awaits.

This scale's 0.1g incremental reading is maintained all the way up through higher weights, and it is suitable for up to 3kg.
It has a large LCD with a green backlight which activates when the weight on the scale changes, also making it incredibly easy to read.