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Nical water softeners are manufactured in Bologna, Italy by BILT - one of Europe's leading water treatment systems.

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How do the Nical water softeners work?

In simple terms, the lime and magnesium stick to the resin, preventing it from blocking the electro-valves, coating the boiler elements, and filling the boiler with lime.

Do Nical water softeners remove chlorine as well?

No, it will only soften the water, you would need an additional carbon filter to remove chlorine, such as a Britta jug. You would need to use both as a carbon filter alone will only remove a portion of mineral deposits.

Can I recharge Nical water softeners with salt?

Yes, you can recharge the resin beans by immersing in salt, until the mineral deposits have dissolved. It is not very effective with smaller domestic filters such as Nical 900, Nical 250, and Nical 125  as they are too small to allow the salt to infuse.

What is the difference between Oscar 150 and Oscar 90?

Nical Oscar are passive resin water softeners - that is the resin bags rest in the water tank or reservoir - passively softening the water in the water tank. Nical Oscar resin bags left overnight will soften the whole water tank.

Bilt Oscar 90 Softens 150 litres at standard hardness - for up to 2-liter tanks and Bilt Oscar 150 Softens 275 litres at standard hardness - for up to 2.5 - 4 litre tanks.