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Cleaning products

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CafeNu Nespresso descaler
Fits: Most Nespresso® capsule machines
Descale tablets  x  10
Dissolves automatically
Gaggia Descaler 250ml
From €9.99
PULY  Descaler sachets x 10
Universal descaler
Puly liquid descaler x 2
Domestic coffee descaler
CafeNu Nespresso cleaning
Fits: Most Nespresso® capsule machines
Puly Caf Tablets 1 gram tablet
From €9.75+vat
Puly Caff cleaner sachets x 10
Cleans: Group|Portafilter|Shower
Puly Caff Cleaning Tablets 0.5 grm (70 Tablets)
Ideal for home machines
Puly Caff Group Cleaning Powder 370g
From €5.99 - Ideal for home machines
Puly Caff Group Cleaning Powder 900g
From €7.29 +vat
Puly Caff Grind Hopper cleaner
Cleans and sterilises grinder hopper
PulyGreen Grinder cleaner box
Clean your grinder for max taste
Blind Filter - rubber
57/58mm domestic rubber blind filter
Blind Filter SS 58mm
Blind Filter basket - for 58mm portafilters
Puly Caf Milk Cleaner
from €8.90+vat
Coffee grinds brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean
Easy clean  grinder brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Group head Aluminium brush
Long group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Aluminium brush head x 2
Replacement head for aluminium brush
Group head cleaning nylon brush
From €1.65 - Ideal for Home|Commercial machines
Group head nylon brush
Joe Frex
Group head Steaming brush
Quicker and more powerful cleaning
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush  Large  58mm
Groups that use 58mm tampers
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush  Small  52mm
Groups that use 49mm 51mm tampers
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush Medium 55mm
Groups that use 57mm tampers
Long group head cleaning brush
from €2.99 |Longer group brush - no burnt fingers
Gasket and o ring  tool
Choice of 4 awls available
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Joefrex filter basket remover
Cleaning tool to remove filter basket
Silicon grease
Provides lubrication for steam taps etc
Puly Caff Plus Soak kit
Cleaning Kit for traditional machines
Barista Cloth s x 4
Set of 4 microfiber cloths
Barista Cloth set x 2
Commercial grade - Inc belt clip
Blue microfiber cloth x 1
From €2.49 | General purpose| Steam wand
Brown barista Cloth x1
From €3.50 - Inc belt clip.
JoeFrex Steam Cloth black
No more burning while cleaning
JoeFrex Steam Cloth blue
No more burning while cleaning
Blind Filter SS 53mm
La Spaziale 53mm Blind Filter
Blind Filter SS 55mm
San Marco|Dalla Corte| Olmpia Max|Izzo
Shower screen screwdriver duel head
Flat - and + Phillips heads
Mini Shower screen screwdriver philips
Helps to remove the shower screen

If you want good espresso or coffee then you must clean your machine !
Pulycaff coffee cleaning powder and tablets for daily espresso coffee cleaning in stock for Ireland, UK and Europe.
If the espresso coffee machine group is not cleaned regularly, the coffee group will  get blocked with lime and coffee oils, this is an expensive fix. Back flushing daily of the espresso coffee machine will make sure that the group, shower screen and portafilter remain uncontaminated with rancid and carbonated coffee oils. Nothing tastes worse than bitter coffee caused by a neglected espresso coffee machine.
Coffee grinders should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove rancid coffee oils on the hopper and the grinder blades.No excuse now to clean the grinder as it is so easy with Pulycaff grinder cleaner
Home coffee machines such as Rancilio Silvia, Gaggia classic, Ascaso dream or La Pavoni Piccolo need regular descaling to avoid expensive repairs.