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Coffee Machine Cleaning Products

Coffee equipment care and maintenance with the right coffee cleaning products and accessories guarantee the trouble-free performance of your machinery for years to come. Regular cleaning is a more practical solution, saving you many resources on new coffee machines, parts, and repairs. Moreover, the impeccably clean equipment enhances the coffee dramatically, ensuring no impurities in taste, colour, and aroma.

Make sure your clients always get the highest quality espresso, preserved from cup to cup! Blue Star Coffee has compiled a selection of the best cleaning products for coffee machines in this category to ensure your equipment is carefully serviced and controlled. Explore the full range of original coffee machine cleaning kits to extend your machinery lifespan, and we'll ship your order quickly worldwide!

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Clean starter kit
Every thing you will need for a new machine
Puly Caff Plus Soak kit
1 x basin | 10 Puly clean | 1 x Brush | 4 x Milk clean | 2 x Puly Grind
Jura  Cleaning Tablets 3.5 grm x 6
Ideal for home machines
Puly Caf Cleaning tablet 0.5 gram
Home machines | 70 TABS x 0.5 g | 10mm
Puly Caf Cleaning tablet 2.5 gram
Fully automatic coffee machine | 60 TABS x 2 g | 16mm
Urnex Cafiza Cleaning tablet 1.2g
100 TABS x 1.2 g | 12mm
Urnex Cafiza Cleaning tablet 2 gram
💰 From €14.99 | 100 TABS x 2 g | 15mm
Urnex Cafiza Cleaning tablet 2 gram  B2C
Home machines | 32 TABS x 2 g | 15mm
Coffee clean group Powder
Choose: 570 or 900g *from 6.99*
Puly Caff  Green Cleaning Powder 510g
No phosphates - wont affect home waste treatment systems
Puly Caff cleaner sachets x 10
Ideal for home machines | Group|Portafilter|Shower
Puly Caff Cleaning Powder 370g
Home machines | Group| Portafilter| Shower
Puly Caff Cleaning Powder 570g
Ideal for home machines | Group|Portafilter|Shower
Puly Caff Cleaning Powder 900g
💰From €7.31+vat | Commercial machines
Urnex Cafiza Cleaning Powder 566g
240 x back flush
Urnex Cafiza Cleaning Powder 900g
💰From €8.12+vat | Commercial cleaning
Urnex Cafiza2 coffee urn cleaner
10 x 28 gram sachets
Puly Caff Milk Cleaner
💰From €9.35 + vat | Eu delivery only
Urnex Rinza  Cleaning M90 tablets
💰 From €16.99 | 20% more than liquid cleaner | 40 tablets | Portion control
Puly Caff Milk Cleaner 14 x 25 ml
14 x 25ml + Free basin
Puly Caff Milk Cleaner 4 x 25 ml
4 x 25ml
Brass grinder teeth brush
Keep blades sharp and free from oils
Cafelat circular Group Head Brush
Inc 3 spare brush
Cremapro group head cleaning brush
💰From €2.99 | Longer group brush - no burnt fingers
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keeps your filter basket clean | Quicker than a cloth
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder slim grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Group head Aluminium brush
Long group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Aluminium brush head x 2
Replacement head for aluminium brush
Group head cleaning nylon brush
**From 1.50** - Ideal for Home | Commercial machines
Group head Steaming brush new
Deep cleans: Shower screen | Group | Gasket | Baskets | Milk Jug | Coffee spout | Steam wand and more
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush  Large  58mm
Groups that use 58mm tampers
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush Medium 55mm
Groups that use 57mm tampers
Joe Frex group head nylon brush
protects hands while cleaning group
Milk hose  brush 6mm  x 190mm
Cleans steel straw | silicon hose | Steam wand
Steam wand brush set
Clean steam wand holes| Auto frother cleaner
Walnut coffee grinds brush
Walnut grinder grounds brush with leather tong
Walnut group head brush
Walnut coffee group brush with leather tong
Gaggia Descaler 250ml
Gaggia Saeco Philips machines
Philips Saeco Descaler 250ml  x 2
⚠️Save 20% - great value | Gaggia Saeco Philips machines
PULY  Descaler sachets x 10
💰From €7.49 | Universal descaler - Food safe citric acid for any machine
Puly liquid descaler x 2
Domestic coffee descaler | ⚠️from €6.99 | | 2 x 125ml
Saeco Descaler 250ml
Gaggia Saeco Philips machines
Urnex Descal Descaler sachets x 5
Universal descaler
Blind Filter  55mm
San Marco|Dalla Corte| Olmpia Max|Izzo | 66mm x 22mm
Blind Filter 53mm
La Spaziale |Astoria Plus 4 |Wega Concept | 65mm x 25mm
Blind Filter deep 58mm
Deep blind Filter basket | E61 groups | 68 x 24.5
Blind Filter SS 58mm
Blind Filter basket - for 58mm portafilters | 70 x 14
Blind rubber Filter 50mm
Blind filter is 50mm so will fit : 51mm| 53mm| 54mm|57mm| 58mm
Clean Grind  grinder cleaner 500G
💰From €11.99 |Clean grinder for max taste | Up to 25 portions |500G
Puly Caff Grind Hopper cleaner
Removes rancid oils from grinder hopper
PulyGreen Grinder cleaner box  x 10
💰From €8.49 | Clean your grinder for max taste
💰 From €19.99 | Clean grinder for max taste | 430G | Up to 12 portions
EDO Blue barista Cloth
Glass | S steel | Steam wand| 30cm X 40cm
EDO Brown barista Cloth
30cm X 40cm
EDO Brown Clipped  barista Cloth
Inc belt clip. | 30cm X 40cm
JoeFrex barista cloth
Large barista cloth | 40cm x 40 cm
JoeFrex Barista Cloths x 4
Steam cloth x 2 | Large barista with clip x 1 | General cloth x 1
JoeFrex Steam Cloth Black
No more burned hands
JoeFrex Steam Cloth blue
💰 Save 3€ | No more burned hands
Crowbar filter basket remover
Mini crow bar to remove filter basket for daily cleaning
Gasket and o ring  pick and hook set
💰 Save 20% | Essential tool for: Group gaskets | Lever Piston | O rings
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Joefrex filter basket remover
Cleaning tool to remove filter basket
Mini aluminium key chain clip
Ideal for clipping coffee tools to: Key ring | Apron| Belt
Motta espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Shower screen screwdriver duel head
Magnetic duel head: Flat - and + Phillips
Shower screen screwdriver duel head black
💰 Save 30% | Magnetic duel head | Flat - and + Phillips | Slot for leverage
Shower screen tool flat screw
Flat head screw | 58mm showers
Shower screen tool hexagon M9
M9 hexagonal screw | Dalla Corte | La San Marco | La Spaziale
Wooden gasket and o ring  awl
Useful coffee tool | Group gaskets | O ring | Pod groups
CafeNu ModoMio cleaning
Fits: Lavazza® A Modo Mio®
CafeNu Multipod cleaning
Fits: Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Verismo® by Starbucks®, Expressi® by Aldi® and the Tchibo® Cafissimo® System.

Best Coffee Machine Cleaning Products for Sale

Espresso cleaning products are specialised means dedicated to the care and maintenance of coffee machinery and additional tools. Precipitation and scale are the most common causes of equipment failure. That is why coffee machine cleaning products are indispensable for coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and other high-traffic places.

It is noteworthy that most of the famous brands making professional coffee machinery, equipment, and accessories also offer specialised cleaning products for coffee machines. These products allow you to gently remove limescale, coffee grease, and milk deposits and take care of surfaces' protection, taking into account the mechanisms' functional characteristics. The Blue Star Coffee catalogue offers a large selection of high-quality products for espresso machine cleaning and water softening, available in various formulations:

  • liquids;

  • capsules;

  • tablets;

  • powders for coffee machine cleaning;

  • cleaner sachets.

Moreover, we expand our range of espresso machine cleaning products with aluminium & nylon brushes for group heads, steam wands, and coffee grinder mechanisms. You will also find many accessories like gasket sets and o ring awls, filter removers, and other goods to make regular maintenance far more manageable.

Premium-Quality Cleaning Products for Coffee Machines

Decalcifying a coffee machine or descaling is the primary care and maintenance that holds 100% of any coffee equipment needs. In most cases, repairs involve just standard equipment cleaning using coffee machine cleaning products. Even the purest distilled water will not fully protect the equipment as it reaches many foreign substances and accumulates them. Thus, the machine parts that contact the finished espresso and hot water are the most vulnerable and require more attention from the barista.

Liquid cleaning products for coffee machines are the most popular among professionals because they offer the most straightforward operating principle. Powders, tablets, and capsules are usually made for specific models and contain some abrasive substances in the composition. Hence, cleaning a coffee maker with solid coffee machine cleaning products is more thorough but requires experience and particular skills. In any case, all the professional options available at Blue Star Coffee are certified and tested cleaners that will help bring your equipment back to top condition.

How to Clean Coffee Machines?

The uninterrupted coffee equipment operation is a must-have for coffee houses and bars, where even the slightest delay can provoke significant losses in revenue. Consequently, ensuring the machinery's top performance is the primary baristas task, which they must take care of in advance. Cleaning the outer surfaces and numerous rinses with cold & heated water is not enough as deposits tend to accumulate inside hard-to-reach areas. While there are many nuances to using coffee machine cleaning products, mastering the necessary skills is much easier than learning how to brew the Italian espresso.

Getting familiar with the manufacturer's manuals is the first thing to do before cleaning a coffee maker. The instructions also usually contain many helpful hints and tips regarding the mechanism's functional features. In general, the principle of espresso machine cleaning is always the same and consists of several simple steps:

  • Place the coffee machine cleaning solution in the water drawer and turn on the equipment.

  • The mixture interacts with water ions and sediment particles on internal surfaces during planned circulation and accumulates in the outlet tank with dirt residues.

  • Dispose of used fluid and clean the container thoroughly.

  • We also recommend running the water circulation (turning on the machinery) again to rinse the inside of the coffee machine cleaning products. This stage is especially relevant if the last cleaning was a long time ago or in case your machine accumulates too much scale.

Choose Top Espresso Machine Cleaning Products

Manufacturers often recommend using original coffee machine cleaning products, which are produced with other consumables and accessories. However, if the espresso maker needs urgent cleaning and no cleaning products for coffee machines are available nearby, in this case, the best coffee machine cleaning solution is to buy a versatile option. Blue Star Coffee simplifies the selection of similar cleaning products for coffee machines and encourages customers to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Brand. We supply coffee cleaning products of exceptional quality from trusted manufacturers with an impeccable reputation. Check the reviews of other users and consult with experts.

  • Product details. Conscientious manufacturers offer cleaning products for coffee machines based on organic ingredients. Inorganic acid can damage the pipes and cause breakage.

  • Release form. In our catalogue, you can choose from a variety of loose and liquid coffee machine cleaning products. Therefore, check the manual to select the right product for your espresso machine cleaning.

Blue Star Coffee experts also recommend using high-quality filters and specialised water softening products. These products slightly improve the taste but are not able to prevent the appearance of scale completely. However, they can dramatically delay the decalcification!

Buy Original Products for Coffee Machine Cleaning

Thorough and timely coffee machine cleaning is an essential part of routine maintenance, with many benefits:

  • A superior espresso with a clean taste and smell attracts customers.

  • Espresso machine cleaning products allow businesses to save on coffee machine repairs and expensive parts.

  • Regular cleaning increases the performance and service life of your coffee machine.

Take advantage of all these benefits by choosing the best cleaning products for coffee machines. The Blue Star Coffee range offers tons of original options and top-quality analogues. Take care of your coffee equipment correctly. In turn, we will provide you with premium products for espresso machine cleaning at affordable prices!

If you want good espresso or coffee then you must clean your machine !
Pulycaff coffee cleaning powder and Pulycaff coffee cleaning tablets for daily espresso coffee cleaning in stock for Ireland, UK and Europe.
If the espresso coffee machine group is not cleaned regularly, the coffee group will  get blocked with lime and coffee oils, this is an expensive fix. Back flushing daily of the espresso coffee machine will make sure that the group, shower screen and portafilter remain uncontaminated with rancid and carbonated coffee oils.
Nothing tastes worse than bitter coffee caused by a neglected espresso coffee machine.
Coffee grinders should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove rancid coffee oils on the hopper and the grinder blades.No excuse now to clean the grinder as it is so easy with Pulycaff grinder cleaner
Home coffee machines such as Rancilio Silvia, Gaggia classic, Ascaso dream or La Pavoni Piccolo need regular descaling to avoid expensive repairs.